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That’s a wrap! We just shot the #MajorCrimes + #TheCloser’s 200th episode and we can’t wait to show you. Thanks for getting us here, fans!

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@gwennieliz Wyatt Logan, Garcia Flynn, & Red (from The Blacklist) ��

Okay, this is actually like the easiest answer ever, as I have probably DEFINITELY, worked this situation out in my head already:

I would have a smoking hawt affair (fuck) Garcia, probably while Married to goody goody Wyatt (because let’s face it, I have no shame, and I want them both) then I’d get drunk with Red and compare sexual conquests ;)

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Blind NHS patients to be fitted with pioneering bionic eye

The NHS is to pay for 10 people to be implanted with a “bionic eye”, a pioneering technology that can restore some sight to those who have been blind for years.

Only a handful of people have undergone surgery in trials so far to equip them to use Argus II, which employs a camera mounted in a pair of glasses and a tiny computer to relay signals directly to the nerves controlling sight. The decision to fund the first 10 NHS patients to be given the bionic eye could pave the way for the life-changing technology to enter the mainstream.

Those who will get the equipment can currently see nothing more than the difference between daylight and darkness. The system allows the brain to decode flashes of light, so that they can learn to see movement.

Raymond Flynn, 80, at Manchester Royal Infirmary in July during trials of the ‘bionic eye’. Photograph: Peter Byrne/PA


I don’t know if this is intentional or not, but this scene seems to me so symbolic to parenthood. Flynn uses physical force to restrain him while Sharon uses her words (forcefully). There was almost an identical scene in episode 1x01 with Rusty being held by Sanchez and Buzz when he tried to leave, and he only stopped when Sharon came over and told him off.

Also, I love it that Sanchez doesn’t stop until she tells him to. It shows how much he respects her.