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lizzingtonweek | day two. fave quote (either said by them, said about them, or a quote you think fits them)

that’s polaris. the north star. that’s how sailors used to find their way home. when i look at you, that’s what i see. i see my way home.

this is the quote that killed me. said so softly and easily. when just seconds before he hadn’t been able to come up with the words. red’s salvation, red’s redemption, has always been through lizzy. and it’s these short sentences that show just how hard he’s trying to get there.  and the quick way she turns to look at him. how she just stares and learns so much about him from his confession.  this entire scene is the epitome of lizzington to me and short of a love confession, nothing will be better than this.


Raymond Reddington in 4x13


the blacklist appreciation week → day seven

hopes for season 5 | I’m really excited to see how things will unfold this season, mostly between Red and Liz. Also I’d like to see them team up more and take down Blacklisters together. And I want to see more strong and badass Lizzie, going undercover and being awesome.

Also, please, more scenes with Red wearing a tux and being cute with dogs.

Don’t fall in love with me. Not unless you’re ready for a God damn fight. I don’t do fragility, or friction and fairy tales. I want you to be irrational because I’m irrational. Be bold. Speak your mind. I want your wildfires and obscenities. I want your passion and priorities. Protect what’s yours. I’ll defend what’s ours. Let us fight against routines and bad habits, and anything typical. And don’t you dare quit. Not on us, not on yourself. God help the person who threatens us. Forgive me when I let you down, but don’t overlook it, or allow it. We’re all insecure about something. Show me yours. We’re all terrified sometimes. Turn to me. People come in and out of my life so often and easily that I just look for a love that stays. I don’t mind your blemishes or scars, I have a few of my own. Don’t be another flash in the pan. Falling for me will be easy. Staying with me will be impossible. But you deserve a love that most people don’t believe in anymore.
—  J. Raymond

13 DAYS OF OUTLANDER ~ 2x02 Not in Scotland Anymore | Favorite Moments

“Scotland is a beautiful country. It’s glens. It’s lochs. It’s mountains. We’re a people of the land. A simple people with no great love for outsiders. We will fight - have fought - each other more than not. But you ask us to shed our blood for what? To put a more sympathetic arse on the English throne? Is that cause enough for a cotter to exchange his scythe for a sword? To leave his home, his crops, and charge into a cannon’s blast?“