raymond cox


:: Race Report :: Lights by Linea pro race #2 160km

Start. Attacks went flying from the first 1km a group of 5 managed to gain about 1 min in the first 5km, the bunch wasn’t in the mood to chase so early. I saw the make up of what teams were present and went on a solo attack bridging across to the escapes.

Now comes the pain!! Of 140km..
Thinking that all the teams were present this is it, today we gonna grow a gap of 5 min and fight it out for glory. NO there were riders like Theuns van der bank and Alex Heward disrupting the pace line with Alex sitting on the entire break coming through once! Because we were feeding…

It’s really disappointing getting caught 15km from the line being away for so long, now I think to myself if the others worked harder we would’ve made it instead of them worrying about sprint points and bitching…….

Well at least I have the last laugh with my Team mate Willie Syman winning comfortably in the end.

Opening 95km race for spring! Cold but flat, 2km of gravel road after 85km.

I managed to slip away in the days main break away we stayed away 75km only to get caught 10km from the end, I punched a attack 500m Togo stringing out the bunch to setup a reaction from the Peleton giving Willie from my team a perfect sprint finish in 1st place. Great team effort