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“Why don’t I like you? Why don’t i get together with you? Because I’m an undercover. I don’t even know what will happen the next day, how can i promise you anything. Being together with me won’t give you happiness. The most important thing is, i don’t want you to have any danger because of me. Do you understand?” - Seed



My number 1 drama of 2014. The drama that spawned a chi-mek craze and showed the small screen how much better it could be with Jeon Ji Hyun. The chemistry between Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun is electric, and they took a script that at its core wasn’t that great and make it excellent with their great acting. Loved this drama, and still do.

Episode 1-24 amazing, loved it. Everything after that? (Going to pretend it never happened). Ha Ji Won as Sungnyang and Joo Jin Mo as Wang Yu was perfectly cast. Their chemistry is through the roof and I was hooked from the FIRST EPISODE.That usually never happens to me for a historical drama because I find them plodding and dull. Empress Ki exceeded those expectations by going at a lightening fast pace. I cannot express how much I loved Wang Yu x Sungnyang and their interactions. I choose to believe that in the very end Sungnyang chose Wang Yu (pretty sure Ha Ji Won did too ;))

Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk are perfectly lovely in this. Like all the other dramas that I loved this year they just had the perfect chemistry. Their heartbreak and their love was so clear on their faces that I could almost believe it was real. I love the cute moments too when Gunnie is being a total idiot and Jang Nara is trying not to laugh at his antics. The script was pretty formulaic but Jang couple made it an awesome watch.

Ahhhhhh!! I LOVE LOVE 29 and 39. There stories were so cute! And 39’s dedication to his divorced first love was a refreshing take for a Korean drama. I love how Se Young takes no sh*t from no one. It was a simple and cute story and an easy watch. 

My first TVB drama in SIX years and it didn’t disappoint at all. The chemistry (seriously actor’s chemistry saved dramaland this year!) between Raymond Lam and Charmaine Sheh was so good! They have such a good bro relationship which blossomed into love. Unfortunately HK drama is much behind Korean drama. The drama definitely lagged in some parts and some of it was just total WTF, but overall it was nice to watch a drama where I got almost everything (jokes and all) without having to read subtitles.

Honourable mention: You’re All Surrounded, Marriage Not Dating and Doctor Stranger (first 2 episodes).


line walker ep15 – 爆seed & 釘姐’s attempt to escape the gun battle between the mercenaries & SDU

I see a few comments online judging 釘姐 for being scared of “gun shots, dead bodies, and not know how to fight” and I just want to point out that she’s human after all. I know this is a drama, but in real life, believe it or not (omg), things like gun shots and dead bodies can be very traumatizing for people even in the police force. Yes, training and police academy/boot camp requires them to train and learn to operate a gun, but practicing vs. actually using it in real life (and shooting someone) are two different things. In 釘姐’s case, she was originally a UC just for getting intelligence information. She was chosen right out of the academy, so technically she never had any real experience as a “police”. In this scene, she didn’t know there would be mercenaries (professionally hired soliders/gunmen) and SDU. She’s stuck in between them and she even said “no one knows we’re police”. It’s natural in her situation to be scared. When she said “they’re all dead” and started freaking out, it could be because she was scared of seeing the dead bodies, but I personally interpreted it as “they’re all dead” so it means she’ll be dead soon too because it was a die-die situation, either shot by the mercenaries or SDU.