It's Me You Against The World // Rayler

Tyler and Rachel had one of those love-hate friend relationships, Tyler and her would argue about everything but at the same time they would tease each other and laugh about everything they do together. So when Rachel had accidentally let it slip about her parents, Tyler had wanted to know more about them and she wanted to know more about him, plus they had both wanted to have a movie night together so here it was. Sure they were supposed to have it on Halloween but with Tyler’s party they hadn’t been able to, so they were having it now. Tyler wasn’t the greatest when it came to black and white horror films so he had gone with the recommendation of the shop keeper and bought a random classic - Dracula. Slipping it into the slot on his DVD player, Tyler loaded the disc, glancing at his watch to check the time as he did so. Rachel should be here soon. 

Cuddle Session // Rayler

If there was ever a time that Tyler really needed someone it was now, more than any other moment in his life. Of course it was his fault, it was all his fault, he shouldn’t have pushed Alex into something when he wasn’t ready, he shouldn’t have rushed into things but he had wanted to. After last night Tyler hadn’t been able to think straight, everything was a jumble in his mind, a flee market of odd thoughts and memories and he was finding it hard to cope. He had seen Rachel briefly earlier and after a short talk that consisted of mainly hugs he had invited her around to his house where the could resume their cuddle session. After he had tidied up his dorm room a little bit, he settled down on his couch and turned on an TV soap drama settling down into the couch to sit and wait for her to arrive. 

It'll get better// Rayler

A week away from the drama and Tyler seemed to have missed so much but still been slightly involved simply because of who was involved. If he had known Alex was going to repeat the events that had occurred between Tyler and himself, then Tyler would have done something to warn Robert away from him. He didn’t though and so Robert had gone through what Tyler had and to know that he had done it a second time hurt Tyler, not only because it showed that Alex wasn’t completely serious about Robert when he had gotten with him, but also because it made him feel sort of responsible for Alex’s actions - Alex had never done anything like that before he had gotten into a relationship with Tyler. Because of that he felt like he owed Robert something, even if it was just a shoulder to cry on while he tried to pick up the pieces of his broken heart and Tyler was determined to be there because, friends or not, he liked the lad and he knew what he was going through. 

They had arranged to meet at Robert’s so that Tyler could go through everything with Robert, but there’d be pizza and film to make the conversation as comfortable and friendly as possible. Tyler could almost imagine it as just hanging out with a mate as he headed down the doorway to Robert’s room. It’d just be like Robert was his best friend, he’d just gotten out of a bad relationship and like any good friend Tyler’d be there to help him back to his feet. Stopping outside Robert’s door he reinforced the thought in the forefront of his mind before knocking.