raylan x winona


Raylan: What are you doing?
Winona: Brown suit, black suit. One-two-three-four shirts. Two pairs of jeans. Hm.
Raylan: What the hell’s that supposed to mean?
Winona: Oh, just by looking at your closet one would think you were a simple man.

I’m on board with the idea that nobody’s ever gonna know Raylan better than Winona. I think it’s a beautiful thing that Winona’s the one Raylan knows better than anybody.


“Everyone’s capable of doing something like this, Winona. I come across huge sums of money, usually belong to bad people, I think, ‘no one’ll miss it.’”
“Did you ever take it?”
“I did. God, Jesus, what am I gonna do?”

Five little words– “You took all the money.”– and oh, the many faces of Raylan Givens’s increasingly shitty day.