Overflow graphics: Justified in a single photo

Two armed men have a seemingly cordial onversation in the staircase of their abandoned and decrepit high school, careful to avoid giving the other a clear line of sight. The Federal Marshal has the advantage of the high ground to mount his defense of the prize above. The criminal is left to try to talk his old friend into giving him what he wants (and his tongue is as dangerous a weapon as his gun).

If this looks like a too-perfect visual metaphor for paths taken, just remember in the scene of the show they’re currently having an argument about whether an astronaut drove the car or swung the golf club.


Justified Kill Chart

Note: An attributed death is when a kill is carried out by a different character than the one who ordered it. So Henchmen murders are attributed to their bosses if they’re acting in their bosses interests.

  • 170 people is a ridiculously high number of bodies in a show that ran for 78 episodes.
  • I expected more of a body count discrepancy between Raylan and Boyd. Or that Raylan would kill less as the series went on while Boyd ramped up. That mostly didn’t happen apart from the drop after Raylan’s prolific first season (10 dead!).
  • Boyd and Raylan are the only characters that kill a person in every season. Their least prolific season (Season 3) had the highest body count anyways (34 dead).
  • These numbers are high enough to make Raylan and Boyd prolific serial killers.
  • Bo Crowder kills no one onscreen (but his lackeys do!). Ava Crowder kills 3 people but none of them can be attributed to Boyd. Raylan gets an attributed death for setting up Nicky Augustine.
  • The Bennetts kill a fair number of people but none of them know what the others are doing (0 attributed deaths for Mags).
  • Only 10% of Justified episodes have no deaths
  • Chief Deputy Art Mullen kills no one and is my Goddamn hero.

Due to the number of dead and the ambiguity in some cases, these numbers have a precision of +/-2ish. I want to emphasize that I love this show very much, but HOLY SHIT SO MANY DEAD PEOPLE HOW ARE PEOPLE STILL ALIVE IN KENTUCKY.