actually around this year now that I think about it! so yeah sometime in September-October 2010 I drew this.
It’s of Ray’s character Gil! Who is wicked spiffy-keen.

I actually mailed her the original of this so I only have a digital copy of it. But I still like it enough to post it and plus Gil is awesome and this reminds me that I should draw him more.

I’m just a normal boy
That sank when I fell overboard
My ship would leave the country
But I’d rather swim ashore

Without a life vest I’d be stuck again
Wish I was much more masculine
Maybe then I could learn to swim
Like ‘fourteen miles away’

Now floating up and down
I spin, colliding into sound
Like whales beneath me diving down
I’m sinking to the bottom of my
Everything that freaks me out
The lighthouse beam has just run out
I’m cold as cold as cold can be

I want to swim away but don’t know how
Sometimes it feels just like I’m falling in the ocean
Let the waves up take me down
Let the hurricane set in motion… yeah
Let the rain of what I feel right now…come down
Let the rain come down

Where is the coastguard
I keep looking each direction
For a spotlight, give me something
I need something for protection
Maybe flotsam junk will do just fine
the jetsam sunk, I’m left behind
I’m treading for my life believe me
(How can I keep up this breathing)

Not knowing how to think
I scream aloud, begin to sink
My legs and arms are broken down
With envy for the solid ground
I’m reaching for the life within me
How can one man stop his ending
I thought of just your face
Relaxed, and floated into space

Blue October -Into The Ocean

Ray’s character, Gil!

I always picture him to this song so I thought I’d draw it out fer her! 8D WOO!


This time featuring Ray’s dude Dominic! (orange) and my girl Gitana! (violet)

This one was so a no brainer for me- not only do the colours work BUT also their abilities match! sorta okay not really for Dom I sorta played with this one in my mind cuz I am super derpy- aheh- basically orange lanterns have the ability to steal identities of others (or atleast agent orange did) and basically live out their life THEY’RE AVARICE. WOOP- THIS JUST WORKED IN MY MIND I AM LAME OK. RAY YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO HURT ME. As for Gitana being violet- that’s pretty straight forward- she makes love potions and violet lanterns powers work with love!

So YEAH! okay- *shakes fist* I got one that will make me look like a total freaking dork but it needs to be drawn ok it just AAAFJKNJNJKGJDJKNSKJJKSF


Ray and I conceptualized this monstrosity while talking about how the spoons in my house suddenly vanish, but the number of forks continues to grow- it sorta deviated into dead spoons- then Ray made the jump to that being Twi’s super hero name and— welllllll— this is the outcome. 
She totally surprised me with “T”-spoon though. (best thing)

So this is Twi and Tippi’s alter egos. You wanna get down with a fly honey? Ain’t gonna happen with these blokes around. Say hello to censored conversation and friendship forever.