raygen made this for me


4,027 of you at the moment, to be exact (I’m late because of who I am as a person lmfao)

I am in pure shock, and admiration for the people who have truly kept me going and motivated throughout the mere few months this blog has been active. I wish I could thank every single one of you personally – but just know that I love you and wish you everything good. I’ve joined like 3 new fandoms within the last few months so this ff is gonna be wild

♥ = mutuals ☼ = favorites

@heybinnie > @wang-banana > @jimlingss ☼ > @taeboos > @gotchicken > @binsblush > @honeyheonie ☼ > @siranghae ☼ > @joopoet > @lostinmonstax > @wonhandsome ☼  > @triptychero > @radhobi ☼ > @akamorktuna ♥ > @kihqun > @hyungjooki > @jooheonster ☼ > @hosseoki > @vampyjeon ♥ > @hayjeon > @yoonseoksofty ☼ > @iconic-joonie ♥☼ > @ohsuga > @remembeo > @hobiemin ☼ > @datyugyummy ♥ > @astrobinn > @jinjinisasinsin ☼ > @nomnams > @jin-oppa > @kwangie > @venjaeance > @sadieslostinparadise

and of course, all the people who have made a difference in how I write, have made me laugh, and just overall I really appreciate their existence because mine wouldn’t be the same without them:

@memecook of course, I can’t wait to meet you soon ♥♥♥♥♥

@rudeboywonho nicole, I’m hella glad I met you and your kpop knowledge is off the charts (how the heck did you know all that about NCT I had no idea you were a stan)

@jiminbegin jeena, you’re a shy awkward bean who knows how much i love joon and I thank you for that (plus that vid you made ruined me)

@stressedbutblessedwithbts raygen, you’re literally a ray of sunshine and I love being able to talk about the future with you and ugh you’re the best

and I just wanna mention my new lovely network-mates (the one’s I’ve talked to and the ones I haven’t yet) and I’m really excited to get to know you all and hopefully see some of you at the mx concert in chicago!! and tbh I need some feedback on my newest jooheon oneshot so @ me over kkt about it yikes

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