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New Makeup Line Dropping January 22nd, The KaePop Collection:

Karrueche Tran, best known for modeling and acting is set to launch her makeup line mid January with cosmetics brand, ColourPop. The KaePop Collection includes 4 matte eye shadows, 3 ultra matte lipsticks with matching lip pencils, 1 blush, 1 highlighter, 1 contour/bronzer. These products are benefiting an important organization, The Environmental Media Association.

Fun Fact, all of the products will be under $10 dollars each and sold separately. Full sets will be $72. That’s definitely a steal for all the make up lovers, so mark your calendars we have some shopping to do. 

Karrueche’s color palette is inspired by her everyday personal wear. The collaboration with ColourPop won’t go unnoticed. ColourPop is known for their vibrant cosmetic products and have worked alongside many beauty specialists, models, and bloggers such as Kathleen LightsEllaRie &  Raye Boyce.

Colors Include:

· Medium Brown Matte Shadow – “Fairfax”

· Light Warm Beige Matte Shadow – “Melrose”

· Burgundy Matte Shadow – “Beverly”

· Sheer Gold Shadow – _”Sunset Blvd”

· Nude Ultra Matte Lip and Pencil – “Chi”

· Brown Ultra Matte Lip ad Pencil – “Kae”

· Deep Burgundy Ultra Matte Lip and Pencil – “Rooch”

· Peach Blush – “Flush’d”

· Warm Bronzer– “Bronze Me”

· Golden Bronze Highlighter – “Glo Up”

Black Beauty Influencers

To celebrate Black History month I wanted to share a couple black beauty influencers, these women give great tutorials, honest reviews and showcase with every video that diversity is needed in the beauty community.

1. Jackie Aina: Auntie Jackie is amazing, her 2 million subscribers love her humor, honesty and her shade throwing!

2. Nyma Tang: Nyma constantly challenges makeup companies, with her darkest shade hunt. She fights for those with deep dark complexions.

3. Aaliyah Jay: She’s a cool and funny girl from Brooklyn, her story times videos are so hilarious. She’s partnered with NYX and Maybelline.

4. Raye Boyce: Called Its my raye raye on her social platforms, she has a nose for blinding highlighters and hunts for foundations for oily skin.

5. Makeup by Shayla: Shayla is amazing at contouring and has partnered with Maybelline and Tarte. She’s really down to earth!