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How Can We Be Lovers.
Michael Bolton
How Can We Be Lovers.

Michael Bolton | How Can We Be Lovers

Raye’s Outdoors Mix: BSB 2 Year Anniversary Theme Song

With the official 2 year anniversary since the inception of Backseat Ballads, I figure it would only seem right if we had a song to commemorate this occasion. I mean, shit, this blog has been running for two years! I can still remember the moment when I made this blog and little did I know how much of an impact this would have on not only me but the others in the group (I hope).

And what better than the smooth intense vocals of our man, Michael Bolton. For a long time I’ve been meaning to write something up for this song and it’s only fitting this should be the case. For it was this song that would usher in a new era. This was the first song on what would be the very first edition of the Raye’s Outdoors Mix

It was on our first camp and we had just left Healesville to make our way to Maroondah Dam. Peter told me to put on my cd and with glee I inserted it in and anticpated the reactions of my fellow passengers (Law and Raye). And once those notes hit, you can hear the sound of excitement fill the car. I’ll never forget that moment and it’s one of the reasons why this song will always hold a special place not only in my heart but the legacy that has come to be since that sunny December day in 2011.

How Deep Is Your Love
Bee Gees
How Deep Is Your Love

Bee Gees | How Deep Is Your Love

Raye’s Outdoors Mix

Those who know me will know I love downloading cover versions of songs. With HDIYL, I’d guess there must be at least 30+ versions on my computer. No matter what you do, a good song will always be good regardless of who sings it. Generally, anyway.

Heading home from our first camp, we were heading towards Eltham when a cover of this song by Croft came on. Naturally we all started singing and I remember a few days later, Peter had this song on repeat for a long time. 

Happy birthday bro.

Cape Otway

Raye’s Outdoors - Camp #3
Great Ocean Road / Cape Otway
March 2012

Of all the camps we’ve been on, I think our third one down at Cape Otway (Great Ocean Road) tends to be overlooked in comparison to our more ‘eventful’ ones. Sandwiched in between our second camp in Grampians/Great Ocean Road and the pivotal fourth Camp at Mount Buffalo, this camp in many ways was a much more quiet but nonetheless important in the history of Backseat Ballads.

It was a relatively small camp with four participants: myself, Peter, Mark and Age. There’s always that sense of excitement you can feel when someone attends their first camping adventure with us and it was evident when we (me, Thai and Mark) all slept in that morning whilst Age was standing outside all packed ready to go at 7am. With a necessary early morning coffee stop at Torquay, we made our way down the Great Ocean Road where we viewed Erskine Falls and had lunch at a food court in Apollo Bay. Looking back now, this was the first occasion where we ate a meal that would becoming a major factor later on.

We ate fried chicken.

The second hike was to Beauchamp Falls where we relaxed by the cool stream before making our way back to the car in the blistering heat. Not surprisingly we kind of got lost trying to find Johanna’s beach but that allowed us to admire the views and play a few rounds of OSAKA BANG! Now this was the first and only camp where we didn’t have a campfire but that deter us from having fun.

Warm summer evenings are best complimented with a cold beer and sadly by the time we realised we wanted alcohol, all the stores would have been closed. I guess we’ve learnt our lesson by now - it’s most likely we’ve pushed it to the limit in recent times. Noodles & pasta was consumed, the glowsticks came out and we held our own little rave party whilst all the other campers were fast alseep. There’s something quite relaxing about camping near a beach with the cool night breeze and soft sounds of the waves crashing in the background.

Still, I remember talking to Peter about how easy this camp felt. Obviously we had to plan and prepare for the most part but it made us aware of how easy it was to simply pack and go on a camping trip over the weekend. And I think that’s something I’d like to do more of this year.


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