I’m gonna write THE hottest fucking fanfic I’ve ever written.

Probably because it’s gonna be my first one, but I just have to do it. I know exactly how it’s gonna be. And it’s gonna be good, because I want it good.

And yes it’s gonna be Rayon/The Duke. Big time.

This Day in Rooster Teeth History - August 17

2009 - 6 years ago

  1. Red vs. Blue Recreation 9
  2. Worst Throw Ever… of All Time

2010 - 5 years ago

  1. Starcraft 2 Guide with Geoff and Jack
  2. Deadliest Warrior Guide with Ray
  3. Deadliest Warrior Guide with Ray
  4. Duke Nukem Guide with Ray

2011 - 4 years ago

  1. Elitist - Odeon (Cover 2.0) with Josh O
  2. Achievement HORSE #37 with Jack and Michael
  3. RT Podcast 127 with Jack, Michael, Gus, Burnie and Kathleen
  4. This is… Toy Soldiers: Cold War with Jack and Fragger
  5. Toy Soldiers: Cold War Guide with Jack and Fragger

2012 - 3 years ago

  1. Fails of the Weak Volume 100! with Geoff and Jack
  2. Game Night: Halo Reach with Geoff and Caleb
  3. Sleeping Dogs Guide with Geoff and Ray
  4. Let’s Play Minecraft - Last Man Standing with The Main AH Crew, minus Ryan
  5. RT Recap - Week of August 17th with Miles

2014 - 1 year ago

  1. RT Recap: Painting With Miles with Miles 
  2. 300 Subscriber Special and Q&A with Trevor
  3. The Five Nights At Freddy’s Adventure with Kdin and Val

When I first became a fan of @abrband in middle school, I immediately knew that I would be playing guitar solos onstage with them in a shark costume years later. 📷: @rayduker #FearlessSummer

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