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Achievement Hunter Dragon Age AU

I am sooo desperate for an Achievement Hunter AU of Dragon Age that if I wasn’t absolute shit at writing fiction I would fucking write it myself…

A young Dalish Hunter named Michael who, after making his first kill, a large bear whose hide he now wears, will only respond to the name of Mogar.

And whispers of a man named Flynt Coal going around, a deadly assassin with a bow, only for it to be this goofy ass City Elf named Gavin

And Mica, the daughter of some Orlesian Noble, who attends all of the fancy parties, learns all of the incriminating secrets, and then relays them back to a close friend of hers… This close friend, of course, is a man know to some in the darker businesses of the Game as the Mad King. The son of a different Orlesian Noble, he and Mica are at the very top of the foodchain, and those who are at the bottom, or are dumb enough to anger the two, well, they end up in the hole.

Then there’s Geoff and Jack, just two guys from Redcliff that don’t want any trouble. One makes booze and the other does house repairs, but both know how to kick ass and demand respect. With the two of them is a young man that they both raised named Kerry, a rather small Qunari, at least by Qunari standards, that ran away when he was quite young and somehow found himself at Geoff’s doorstep on the verge of death.

And Lindsay, a mage that grew up on a farm somewhere in Ferelden, she and her parents kept her magic secret. At some point she discovered she had the ability to shapeshift, thought she primarily uses this to turn into a cat.

Ray, who grew up a skinny little orphan kid in Antiva, and learned from a few, um, sketchy sources how to wield two daggers as though they were a part of him.

Jeremy, a Surface Dwarf, and Matt, a human blacksmith, form a very odd duo, and inseparable at that.

Kdin is a former Templar fighting through a lyrium addiction, all because he risked his ass to save a Circle Mage that quickly became one of his closest friends, a man named Caleb who specialises in Healing Magic and wasn’t quite as… complacent as some of the other Mages in his Circle.

Finally there’s Steffie, a Tevinter mage that sees much in her homeland that she finds wrong and believes could be improved, and because of that is practically cast out of Tevinter society. She finds herself in the company of a runaway Tevinter slave named Trevor, and the two of them travel around, looking for others that share opinions.

And somehow all of these idiots cross paths and have to learn to cooperate to stop some darkspawn or some shit i dont fuckin know.




The Achievement Hunters everybody! (credit) (ALSO, IF YOU LOOK CLOSELY, YOU CAN SEE A GHOST CAUGHT ON CAMERA)

Ancora fisso il tetto alle tre di notte, avrebbero fatto meno male le botte. Forse sei la causa per cui non dormo la notte e forse anche la causa per cui prendo a pugni porte.
—  Alba feat Rayd - Forse