After a little mix of business and pleasure in Miami I made a trip to NY to work with the mecca of model agencies–Wilhelmina! I worked with Wilhelmina in the past but, not on purpose. I was test shooting with a model whose mother agency was in Atlanta but so happened to also be with Wilhelmina. After posting some of the edits via Instagram I caught the attention of a few Wilhelmina reps and now I’m in New York …

The minute I touched NY there was automatic acceleration to my hustle. Just about everything that could go wrong in regards to executing a shoot did but, I’ve never been the one to let obstacles keep me from what I came to do. In the end everything came together and I left with a new muse–Brenda. I kept it real clean with just a punch of edge.

look run down //

look 1. all white is godly. 

look 2. “only problems i want are naomi campbell” -russell simmons.

look 3. let’s play the blame game?

look 4. had this one since early february but, waited for the right girl. 


Finally I got some boy bait for a men’s shoot! I’ve been dying to shoot some mens for quite some time and luckily my dream team–Tyna Vargas & Maraz, duh!–had been yearning for the same thing. The thing about shooting men is that they don’t have major body conscious issues, don’t need a newly painted face, and over all just easy AF. We didn’t really have a concise mood board for this shoot but we knew it had to be raunchy! The raw images on Tyna’s camera were so dope that I can hardly fathom what the edits are going to look like…ahhhh!

P.S. Isn’t his pop art hair fye!? yes. the answer is yassss.

I’m running off 3 hours of sleep because my passion got me hiiiighhh. Last night was so ill! I had the opportunity to work with the amazing photographer Tyna Vargas for the first time. Of course we had my girl Mara murdering faces, Nyema Bennet on hair, Wiggs filming behind the seams, and Ana serving face! The energy on set was so crazy and organic that you would have thought we’d all known each other forever. We were up to about 3 in the morning knocking out looks while ya’ll were sleep. 

I have to give a special thanks to Vanessa of Bazaar Bohemian for letting me pull a bunch of pieces from her personal collection for the shoot. I’ve always seen Vanessa around the way & was cised when she agreed to do some product placement. Her aesthetic is funky and eclectic. Get into her shit now and shop her Etsy!

Also, shout out to my colorful fran Star Paul for letting me snag a few unique pieces from her. Yay for clothes and shoe hoarders! CLUTCH :) Now only if boo had barbie feet like me :( 

I feel like I’m on the radio or sum but I can’t forget about my bestie bew baby mama BT. She’s been assisting me a lot lately on set and I’m so spoiled now. There’s nothing like knowing I have someone there to keep it real with me (wan hunnid). Ima just stop there because I get sap and gay. 

I’ve received so much great feedback from the BTS posts and it has me feeling so proud and humbled by the response. Today, I had one supporter from London and one from Australia compliment me on my work likeeeeee whaaa!?!! The internet is powerful man. To know that I am reaching people hundreds of thousands of miles away from me is a feeling I want to never let go. 2014 is already starting off with a heavy momentum and its only like day 6! The dream is real, chase it.

Be on the look out for the BEHIND THE SEAMS vid soon by Wiggs.

Until then enjoy the BTS photos below xo!

Ray C'Mone takes Miami . . .

I decided it was time for a quick change in scenery. There’s something about having all five of your senses going off at the same time when you’re in unfamiliar territory. I’m here to re-charge, roam, and cultivate creative relationships. Link up!


I was honored to be specially invited to Fly Chix’s “High Heels in High Places” private dinner party by co owners Ebonie Ward and Tyrina Lee held at the newly opened Fly Chix women’s boutique. The event was hosted by PR mogul Nicole Garner of The Garner Circle who did an excellent job setting the ambiance and tone for the evening. The purpose of the private dinner party was to connect women creating their own brands to other women making a name for themselves in their respective craft. I could not begin to describe the positive energy that filled this room. I had the opportunity to connect with producers, designers, boutique owners, publicists, style reporters, and people I need to have lunch or tea with next week. We sipped champagne, kumbayaed, laughed, and carried meaningful discussions. For me, it was finally receiving what all of those “networking events” were aiming for. Thank you Fly Chix and The Garner Circle for considering me as a woman on her way to high places and for creating a much needed community event :)


First editorial for the fourteen! i’m so humbled and ecstatic to be in this month’s issue of Mod Magazine. It feels so good to see your work in a publication and know that you are reaching other people who have no idea you even exist haha. i can’t wait to get my hands on a tangible copy because then I know its real. I love that feeling! I get really girly and my voice reaches rare octaves. Anywho, I’m just getting started so juhwaitonit.