1bir (1 Block Interactive Raycaster)

A 3D engine developed by demogroup Crescent for the Commodore 64, which has a kind of minimalist beauty in itself - video embedded below:

This is a simple raycaster for our beloved C64 featuring the following:

- Size of one C64 disk block (254 bytes)
- Joystick controlled (port 2)
- Simple collision detection
- 256 step rotation in 2 PI
- Open (wrapped) and closed map areas

Download links can be found at Pouet here


I customized this car for the kind, and loving Elizabeth Brisby. The brand name is Raycaster, but I’ve given this one the name Jonathan after Elizabeth’s husband. It has all the top notch Saints Row vehicular customizations like I put in to all of my cars. But for this project I put a lot of care and love in to this one. It’s dark red like Elizabeth’s shaw, and ultra white.

bugcatcherdusk asked:



  • makes the bed in the mornings

Ray actually! Cas can be a real lazy butt, so if Ray wants a neat bed, he has to do it himself. And he does, so he does it himself.

  • has sole posession of the T.V. remote

Cas. You are not separating her from marathons of Transformers and constant rewatching of Pacific Rim.

  • stays up until 2am reading

It’s rare, but that offender would be Cas reading fanfictions. Her squeaking when things happen tends to wake poor Ray up–

  • is the bigger cuddler

Either or. It’s kind of an on/off thing for the most part.

  • does the laundry

Ray. Cas will put it off and off and off, so Ray is the one who just gets fed up and does it.

  • mows the lawn

Despite the fact that she could get a Rotom Mow, Cas gets Ray to mow the lawn. She just likes to watch him take off his shirt halfway through.

  • is better at budgeting

Ray. Cas is a splurger. She likes to throw her money around on whims sometimes, leaving Ray the smarter spender because his spending habits are not controlled by whim.

  • instigates the sex (and who’s into the kinkier stuff)

Prooobably Ray instigates it more often than Cas, but Cas is the one who has the weirdest kinks.

all my RayCaster feels tho hhhh (saysthemoronwhohasyettointroduceray)



Version one of my raycasting engine. Based on the same technique as early games like Wolfenstein 3D and Doom. Built using JavaScript and HTML Canvas. Next step will be to add textures and get it running a bit faster. Possibly also shift it from the 2D canvas context into WebGL to help with speed.

Collision Detection: You do not need raycasts in Unity.

Some aspiring gamedevs have encountered a problem when making character controllers. When a character jumps it should only do so when it is “grounded”. For some developers the solution of identifying when they are on the ground is not straightforward, and requires creative detection like raycasts or additional colliders below the character.

The solution to this is simple: Use the collision events in Unity, and compare the direction of gravity to the normal of the contact point using the Vector.Angle function. This also works in 2D.

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Raycasting Game Maker v4.62

Конструктор игр Raycasting Game Maker не так давно был обновлён до версии 4.62. Однако изменений в новой версии совсем немного. Всего лишь были добавлены шаблоны графики пуль для врагов. Соответственно, ранее их редактировать не было возможности. Подробности читайте в официальном ченджлоге. Новая версия доступна для свободного скачивания… Читать дальше »

Blog Post Five // GAM111

I have successfully learnt to RayCast!

I had my project functional and ready to go for the assessment when Alan told me it was required to be submitted in Unity 4.6…

So this is the result, I added floating zombies, who turn to face the player and instantiate snowballs  (I didn’t want to spend too much time on assets) to kill the player, and basic AI’s which move towards and kill.

Everything else was reasonably easy to transfer over but I lost my beautiful assets :(

There’s always next assessment I guess

~~~ Eleazar Brixey





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Trying to write a simple raytracer. [reddit]

I am trying to write a raytracer/raycaster as a small programming exercise. I’m keeping it very very simple, in particular everything’s happening in 2d. After all per-frame calculations are done, I am looking to draw 800 lines/rects within a single frame. I tried to use pygame for the rendering and either I am using it badly or it just doesn’t have enough performance to do this. So my question now is which other framework can I use to do this? I could use stuff like sdl, pyopengl, pyglet or pyqt but I have only looked at them superficially and they seem like massive overkill and I am trying to keep things simple. If I am to use any of the above at all then I at least want to know which is the easiest for my purposes.

Here are a couple of examples of what I am trying to achieve. Lower-end, Higher-End

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Приключения Патрисио Ривера 3D

Шутер по мотивам сериала Дикая кошка / Gata Salvaje. Игра в духе Wolf 3D. Для поклонников венесуэльского сериала и чёрного юмора. Разъярённый Патрисио решается уничтожить посевы заклятого врага и клонированных батраков!… Читать дальше »