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it’s totally ok. I feel you strongly on feeling unwanted because you think you’re “damaged” but everyone has issues, it’s just a matter of support and doing what you can be manage and be happy. Also, be yourself! if you like this guy, romantically or otherwise, he must not be shallow enough to judge you over small things like punctuation. *hug*

ugh thank u carol ur so sweet <3, i know i should be myself its just hard when i dont like myself so i get scared no one else will. but thats bad thoughts and i need to power thru it and not be ashamed to be who i actually am around ppl i like otherwise im just creating more problems for myself.


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I did this on my twitter already but ayyyy whatchu…

the use of perspective and crosshatching textures. your color choices also make me think of early 90s grunge-y stuff. anywhere from sam and max to the maxx, and some album covers (primus and korn come to mind). i love

grungey is absolutely my intent with my artwork lol

y’know, the more u reference my stuff being very sam&max-like the more it makes me wanna actually read the comix more. maybe i’m unconsciously drawing inspiration from steve purcell’s style?

@raycasting yeah there’s a good chance its just because less people know who he actually is but i noticed he was the one who wrote the latest ‘raceplay’ addendum and people are acting like erika alone wrote it which kinda brushes aside the fact that it’s her husband proving he’s just as much of a clowncar

Prototyped a system for equipping tools/weapons to be used in the game, and the first item I’ve included is a hand mirror. Mirrors help betray the location of the ghosts that haunt your dreams, and make them interactable, but what can you do when there’s a ghost in a room without mirrors? Why, use the hand mirror of course! When it’s held outstetched, raycasts are sent out to check for ghosts, if one is hit, the camera zips around to the reflective side of the mirror so the player can see where the ghost is located.

if i was suddenly an expert in C i would definitely make an uber-moddable raycasting first person shooter engine whose game logic is completely externalized in perl or angelscript units but the core of the engine is all in C.

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Hey there. The game looks gorgeous - not just the art, also the movements that are so fluid! - and I have a couple of questions. First one: how did you do that laser gun? The one that is a straight (infinite) line and then changes to dots when you stop shooting. Thanks!

Thanks, glad you’re enjoying my work!

Laser gun has 3 stages: you hold down fire button to start the aiming laser, release it to shoot and after effect comes on after after a couple frames. I do a raycast from gun’s end position towards aiming direction, get the ray hit point. I scale the whole laser beam gameobject to be stretched between two points)

I add a light to the end, and particle system that makes it look like the aiming laser is burning whatever it hits. Aiming and shooting are different LineRenderers, with tweaks to their opacity and color.

After effect is a particle system (beamDust) that is streched between two ends. I call emit on it, with amount based on laser’s current length. Then for each particle emitted I set it’s velocity based on it’s position, modulated by Perlin noise and couple random numbers (a & b):

beamDust.Emit(Mathf.CeilToInt (distance*10f));

ParticleSystem.Particle[] particles = new ParticleSystem.Particle[beamDust.particleCount];
int num = beamDust.GetParticles(particles);
float a=Random.value*10f, b=Random.value*10f;
float hm = m/2; // m is magnitude or amplitude of after effects
float angle = Mathf.Atan2 (direction.x,direction.y)*Mathf.Rad2Deg;
for(int p=0;p<num;p++) {
  Vector2 pos = particles[p].position*f;
  particles[p].velocity =  new Vector3(hm - Mathf.PerlinNoise (pos.x+a, pos.y+a)*m, hm - Mathf.PerlinNoise (pos.x+b, pos.y+b)*m, 0);
  particles[p].rotation = angle;