London Calling Extras: TFLN - Text Me In The Morning (Neon Trees)

Once upon a time. A boy met a girl in a bookshop. And one day the boy got the guts up to text the girl.




Do you have a copy of the latest Nicholas Sparks novel available?

We have a deal going on right now. Purchase two Nicholas Sparks books get the pint of ice cream and box of tissues for free! Cat fur covered sweater and slippers sold separately.

HA! You alright?

I am. Admittedly the shop has been a bit quieter these last few days. This customer had come in every day and I haven’t heard from him in weeks.

Yeah? I bet he’s disappointed he hasn’t been in lately.

Well I can tell you I am. No dimply grins lately. Well there is that one guy…but he just asks where the kama sutra books are and stares at me like he’s imagining me naked. It’s weird.

Can’t blame him for that. You’re quite cute.

So how did you get my number anyway?

Bribed Lyla.

Oh God. What with?

Passes for she and her girlfriends to our show at Wembley next summer. She also wanted to meet Ashton from our opening act. Amongst other things. So I’ve got a list of demands to fill and American beauty products to buy for her. She’s ruthless. Will be good in business some day.

Oh…you’re buying American beauty products huh? She’s been stealing mine. Sister-in-law ships them to me. ;)

I will be home at the end of the month for a bit. Anything special I can bring you?

How much room do you have in your suitcase? ;)

Give me your list…

Oh. My. God. You’ll have to let me get back to you with that. There’s so much I miss. The junk food here just isn’t the same. I miss American Peanut Butter…and candy…and cereal…and the syrup you people use here is absolute shit. You should see the care package my Dad sends monthly. It’s like full of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and all this terrible stuff that you would laugh at.

Well take some time and think. I will make a special trip to an American grocery store for you. Bring you back what makes you miss home.

Could you fit a Target in your carry on?

Haha! If only. I know you’d be happy if I could do that.



Is it weird that I miss you? I got used to our daily chats when I came in.


To be honest…

I miss you a bit too. I’m glad you accepted the demands from Lyla for my number. Though you could’ve asked yourself. I saw that you followed me on Twitter. ;)

That seemed creepy. A DM that says ‘hey what’s your number’ I get quite a bit of those. Didn’t want to seem like that.

Well I mean yeah I am a world renowned celebrity with men falling at my feet so of course that’s a normal DM for me. :P

For real though…you could’ve asked.

I know. I thought the element of surprise would be good.

I should let you go. I know it’s late there. You should be going to bed. I know you’ve got a long day tomorrow. Bookshop and pub.

I do. I should be. You could text me in the morning. Help make my day seem shorter maybe?

Deal. Have a good night.

You too. Sing pretty since you probably go on stage soon.

I do. Getting ready right now.

Nice pink toothbrush. Dork.

So tomorrow…

Tomorrow. Goodnight Dimples.

Goodnight Sugar.


Let me know what you think of these. I’d LOVE to do more. Sort of fun to have a peak in to their lives. And it doesn’t have to be Annie and Harry…it could be any character. Have a suggestions. Send it on over! Have an instagram idea….submit it. I want to make this fun for everyone and these are fun for me.

Now back to our regularly scheduled writing Sunday with hope of a new chapter today!!

bookshopbirdie: Thank you harrystyles for helping me somewhat avoid the photographs last night. #whiteknightinskinnyjeans

                                      ********************************So I’m home from work. Settled in for the night with the some Hart of Dixie on Hulu Plus and working on the next chapter. Keep me company won’t you… :)

London Calling - Chapter Twenty Five: My Funny Valentine (Frank Sinatra)


My alarm went off at an insane hour. I’d wanted time this morning to make Valentine’s Day special for Harry. He’d seemed so sad last night that I was going to be spending my whole day at work and not with him. He’d begged me to call in sick. He’d tried to bribe me with kisses on every inch of my skin. He’d made love to me for hours, saying that he was stocking up for a Valentine’s Day alone. I felt bad when he fell asleep with his head on my stomach while I played with his hair. He mumbled how he loved me in his sleep. So I’d set my alarm earlier than I ever did so that I could try to do something to make the day special for him. I quickly shut the alarm off and slipped on the t-shirt he’d worn the day before and snuck downstairs to the kitchen. 

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bookshopbirdie: I leave my phone on the table to go to the bathroom and there’s 20 pictures of harrystyles and niallhoran in my camera now. #boysareweird #theycrackmeup

Always In My Head: Haven't Met You Yet (Michael Buble)

15th July 2013 – Landing In London (3 Doors Down and Bob Seger)

I woke up today in London
As the plane was touching down
And all I could think about was Monday
And maybe I’ll be back around

If this keeps me away much longer
I don’t know what I will do
You’ve got to understand it’s a hard life
That I’m going through

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London Calling - Chapter Twenty: Birthday (Katy Perry)


            I stood up from my chair and went to the front door to help Niall with the cupcakes. I couldn’t believe Annie had done this much for tonight. It was just a birthday, not a terribly big deal. But There was Niall with his hands full of cupcakes and Niki with a giant amount of balloons tied to strings in her hands.

            “Yay! You even got the balloons too! You’re the best ever,” Annie said hugging Niall after I’d taken the cupcakes from him. I put them down in the kitchen as she took Niall and Niki in to where my parents were and quickly introduced Niki to them. She looked to be feeling a lot better at this point than she had a few hours ago. I put the cupcakes down and went to sit next to her in the chair again.

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Always In My Head: All I Want For Christmas Is You (Mariah Carey)

19 December 2013: Harry

“What exactly are we shopping for?” Gemma asked. She’d just climbed in to the passenger seat of my car.

            “Well we still need to get the last of Mum’s gift and I ordered something for Robin but I wanted to find a present for Annie.”

            “The bookshop girl?” she asked. I nodded. “Why?”

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Cause in a sky…cause in a sky full of stars I think I see you…I think I see you…

This song makes me think of Annie and Harry. What song makes you think of them?

Sometimes your friends come to see you when you’re at work. Sometimes they look like they could be models and humor your desire to make them pretend to be one. Thanks natesalisbury for leaning against a wall all broody and shit so I could take this. #londoncalling #natethegreat #friendsforever