Arriving at the gym | New York City, NY | August 24, 2016

Woody’s Barcelona ‘Holly-Wood Dean 0.1 Sunglasses’ - €149.00

Loving these new printed sunnies that Taylor wore in NYC yesterday! They’re so fun and a refreshing change of pace from her usual favoured Rayban Wayfarers. What do you think?

Worn with: Under Armour sneakers, Forever 21 top, Bandolier bag and Alo leggings

When your wife finally digs up that awesome photo from Montauk! 📸 by @natanyaesther #queer #handsome #tomboylookbook #tomboi #tomboy #bowtie #bowties #dapperq #lgbtq #lesbian #montauk #surflodge #lordwallington #hair #dapper #girlinabowtie #giabt #rayban #GQ #thatgirljames (at The Surf Lodge)

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Study Tips!

If you’re studying at school you will know the struggle. Even if you enjoy your course and classes studying can still be tricky if you’re a master procrastinator and stress over your impending marks (lol me) so I wanted to share some of my simple study tips that definitely work for me. 

1. Put your phone in another room - 

It’s a distraction! people preach to death that you should turn it off, but I think putting it in another room is even better. Make sure it’s nowhere near you and in a place in the other room that you won’t think of if you crack and go to find it.

2. Sit at a desk or table to study - 

(I am studying psychological science so i’m obviously pretty much an expert lol) but a phenomena called state-dependent remembering has shown that people will remember and retrieve better the information that they have learnt when they are in an area similar to that that they learnt the information in. So, if you study for your exams at a desk in a quiet, distraction-free area (an environment similar to your exams), you are more likely to remember what you studied in the exam!

3. Hand-write your notes - 

School is so much writing, as you are probably aware. Though you should always make sure that you are hand-writing your lecture, tutorial and reading notes as it has been proven, just as no 2. that you will better encode the written information into memory and remember and retrieve it more easily. 

4. Keep a diary and wall planner - 

The best way to never miss an assignments due date is to write it down! I find that keeping a diary and wall planner helps. At the start of the school term/semester write down every assignment on the correct due date. Include a) the type of assessment task, b) the class of the task and c) the percentage the assessment is worth. The diary allows you to create lists of school tasks to complete everyday and the wall planner allows you to see an overview of every task due for the year!

5. Make lists - 

Lists are a student’s BFFFFF. If you find you have little motivation, make a list of everything you aim to get done in the day or week. Make sure the list is prioritised from most to least important task. 
a) Don’t make your list unattainable! Put a fair amount of tasks that you think you will be able to complete within the day or week period.
b) break down the tasks. This is the entire premise of lists - don’t put ‘do assignment’, instead put ‘find articles for assignment’ or ‘complete one paragraph of assignment’ so that you are not overwhelmed by the demands of your list. Breaking a large task down into components is a proven way to not freak out over it and get things done!

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Begging for Saving? I guess that’s what I’ll call it. Anyways this is the song I wrote this morning so I guess this is a rough draft? IDK but I think the song is for sure all done being written. Plus I don’t know how to actually do anything else but write and sing music but there was a song playing in my head.



dannymasterson: It may be preseason but game one of my brand new, second favorite team in the NFL (jets) (not my fault I’m from ny) #LARAMS turned out pretty facking awesome today. Amigo @tjjefferson not as happy an hour after this pic. Excited for the season of football in Los Angeles. (Finally)

I braided my hair all by myself like a big girl. Wearing my fave @herbivoreclothing shirt 😃#redhead#overtone#nyc#nycvegan#rayban#newyorkcity#whatveganslooklike#vegansofig#plantbased#herbivore#pale#nycgirl#astoria#queens#vegangirl#vegan#lgbtpride#bisexualgirls#eatlikeyougiveadamn

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