I love consistency. I love when people I value so much never missed a day on making me feel important. Because there are some who were so loving and caring today, but suddenly treat you so cold as if you are just a stranger the next day. And it left me totally clueless. It left me wondering whether I should still get my hopes up or not and it sucks having those questions unanswered. That’s why I love consistency. It assures me everyday that I am worth it.

i was tagged by @rockjpg whom i love bc they always tag me in shit and it’s great!!! ily!!!!!

Goal: Tag nine people you want to get to know better!

Relationship status: single i guess

Favourite colour: all of them except olive green

Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick

Last song I listened to: a distorted version of “the sound of silence” by simon & garfunkel (i reblogged it if you wanna find it in my #aud tag)

Top three shows: i barely watch tv anymore bc my mom changed the netflix password but for now it’s seinfeld, adventure time, and chopped LMAO

Top three characters: raven from the 100 (she’s hot), poussey from oitnb (ik the show is problematic but i love her character so much), elaine from seinfeld i think she’s cute just in general i have a crush on her character lmao

Top three ships: princess bubblegum/marceline on adventure time, victor/yuuri (from back when i was in my yoi phase lol), and that’s it because it’s 2 in the morning and i can’t think of anything else

i tag: (ik this is more than 9 ppl but oh well) @aliscnbechdel @lesbomutual @riverlesbian @biokat @1e5bian @mazapanlesbian @lesbogf @wallahlesbian @heartforbrains @biokat @officialdyke @hydrolytic @oddbitch @sinfulgf @scy @moon-dyke @marxistgf & anyone else i don’t know that well / don’t talk to much but still likes a lot of my posts! (if i don’t follow u already just send me an ask to check out your blog and if it’s similar to mine i’ll follow u back!)