He was a ruthless sun
beaming rays of fire on the passing by

His eyes azure like the river
mouth as pink as a flower with throns
they’ll make you bleed
they’ll cause you to ache

He’s a poisonous land
don’t plant your souls there.

—  He’s a sweet killer with a dark heart. // Poem to Bo Weber.

fireproof || a Calpernia fanmix [ listen on spotify ]
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Glass - Bat for Lashes // What Else Is There - Royksopp feat. Fever Ray
Fuel To Fire - Agnes Obel // The Silicone Veil - Susanne Sundfør
Which Witch -  Florence + The Machine // Fireproof - The National

Title: Law and Documentaries

Pairing: Phan (Amazingphil + Danisnotonfire)

Length: 2,022 (I honestly didn’t plan this. It just happened XD)

Genre: Angst I suppose. Fluff at the end

Warnings: nothing. If there is something please tell me

Summary: Real Life AU where Dan is a lawyer and Phil is a film director and one day Phil asks Dan if he can film one of his trials. Dan agrees.

A/N: You have no idea how hard this was to write! I had no idea what I should I do but I finally figured it out (With some help) And I really like it. Hope you enjoy!

Dan sucks in his cheeks scanning over his files he was studying for his latest case.
A couple was getting in a divorce and weren’t sure who should get full custody of the daughter.
Usually it would have been easy. Pick the parent who was home more. But with this couple they were both home an equal amount of hours.
He still could have asked the daughter, but the daughter was so indecisive that she had said she wanted Dan to pick. It couldn’t have been harder.
He also considered income of each parent, but once again they made exactly the same amount.
He huffs slamming his case shut and falling back onto the kitchen chair. This was just too hard!
“Sup D-slice!” His roommate exclaims sitting across from him and propping his feet on top of the table earning a glare from Dan.
“Phil. Feet.” He huffs in annoyance
Phil chuckles. “You gotta learn to chill.” He exclaims but puts his feet down either way.
Dan sometimes wasn’t sure why he never moved out. Phil was a movie director and was way to hyper active. Dan? Well Dan was a lawyer who thought his career was more important than fun, which sometime earned him the nick name killjoy from Phil. And being a ‘killjoy’ was not like being an MCR fan in Phil’s book.
Dan just shakes his head. “How can I when I’ve been working on this case all day and I don’t see any possible solution!”
Phil tilts his head snatching the files from in front of Dan and reading them.
“Hey! No! You can’t do that! This information was trusted with me, I’m not supposed to show anyone!” Dan cries out reaching out for the papers.
Phil rolls his eyes. “Calm yourself. It’s not like I’m going to take this information and sell it on the black market.” He points out before adding. “It’s not like I’d get a lot for it anyways. This has to be the blandest family I’ve ever seen.” He wrinkles his nose.
This time its Dan’s turn to roll his eyes. “Who cares if it’s boring?”
Phil throws his hands in the air. “Don’t you get to choose the cases you want to take?” He huffs.
“Well yeah, of course I can.” Dan responds.
“Then why not choose more interesting ones. Like someone who got hit by a car? Or a murder!” Phil exclaims.
Dan rolls his eyes. “It’s not about how interesting the case is, it’s about how much money they are willing to pay” Dan retorts before adding. “If it makes you happier, I actually am taking a murder case.”
Phil jumps up eyes glistening. “Really?!” He exclaims.
Dan nods. “Yeah. Well no. More like manslaughter. This one is pretty interesting. I guess this kid was yelling at another kid to punch him because he thought he could take it. But the one kid was pretty hesitant about it until finally he punched the kid after he made a comment about his two dads. But I guess the kid punched so hard he broke all the kid’s ribs and one of them impaled his right lung. The kid was dead within minutes.”
Phil’s eyes widen. “Wow. So is the kid going to jail?”
Dan shrugs. “I’m not sure yet. I would think so because he did kill the one kid, but the other lawyer is saying that the other kid was encouraging him and said something he shouldn’t have.”
Phil nods staring wide eyed at him. “So I’m assuming you’re on the side of the dead kid’s parents?”
“Yeah.” Dan nods. “I forgot to tell you, the court case is tomorrow, so I’m not going to be here from 10 am to… actually I don’t know how long this is going to last. I could be gone for an hour or more.”
Phil nods biting his lip. “Okay.” He thinks for a moment before speaking. “I know its last minute. But do you think I could film the case?”
Dan’s jaw drops open. “I’m pretty sure that illegal” He huffs crossing his arms.
“No. I’m sure it’s not! It could be a great documentary!” Phil retort.
Dan bites his lip before sighing. “Let me make a few calls and see what I can do.”
Phil grins. “Thank you Dan!”
Dan just nods grabbing his phone and dialing a number.
About an hour later he comes out of the office and nods “Okay. The parents of the dead kid agreed. So did the kid on trial, but with a bit of hesitance. So tomorrow if you interview him, take it easy.”
Phil nods furiously hugging Dan tightly making his heart flutter unusually.
“Thank you Dan! Let me go tell my film crew!” Phil squeals running off.
Dan nods stuttering out a small ‘Y-you’re welcome’ wondering what the hell just happened to his heart.


“Phil! Wake up! We’re going to be late!” Dan screams at his sleeping roommate.

Phil groans covering his face with a pillow. “10 more minutes?” He asks.

“No Phil! You said you needed to get their early to get the interviews!” Dan points out ripping the sheets off his sleeping roommate blushing fiercely realizing the boy was still in his underwear.

Phil huffs. “Fine I’m up, I’m up.”

Dan nods. “Good. I’ll let you get dressed but we leave in 10 minutes.”

Phil nods pushing Dan out of the room.

Soon they’re ready to go and they climb into Dan’s car.

“You said that your crew was going to meet us there right?” Dan asks keeping his eyes trained on the road ahead of him.

“Yeah. They should be there by the time we get there”

Dan nods. “Good”

Another 10 minutes pass and they arrive at the court house and meet the film crew. “Okay. I’ll head in with Phil. Phil will take the family into the hall way one at a time and you guys can interview them. But hurry okay? The case starts in half an hour.” Phil nods beginning to shout directions about setting up before quickly following Dan.

After half an hour they finish with the interviews and everyone takes their place.

“All rise” The bailiff orders and everyone does as their told, excluding the judge. “Department One of the Superior Court is now in session. Judge Mark presiding.  Please be seated.

Everyone sits down and the Judge begins to speak. “Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Calling the case of Leonard Hancock, versus, the parents of Harold Monroe. Are both sides ready?”

Dan stands up. “Ready for the Plaintiff your honor” He informs. To the outside, it may seem like he is ready and collected, but Phil could tell by how he fidgeted with his fringe he was nervous.

The other attorney also stands. “Ready for the defense your honor”

Phil sucks in a breath. Now he knows why Dan was nervous. The other lawyer was one of the best in all of London. Rumor had it, he had never lost a case in his life.

The judge nods allowing Dan and The other Lawyer to sit.

“Will the clerk please swear the jury?” The judge asks.

The clerk stands up and begins speaking. “Will the jury please stand and raise your right hand?” The jury does as told.

“Do each of you swear that you will fairly try the case before this court and that you will return a true verdict according to the evidence and the instructions of the court, so help you, God? Please say ‘I do’” The jury says “I do” The clerk nods. “You may be seated.”

Dan stands up taking a deep breath and turns to the jury. “Your Honor and ladies and gentlemen of the jury: the defendant has been charged with the crime of man slaughtering Harold Monroe. The evidence will show that Harold Monroe was killed on the night of April 8th

. The next day, the defendant was arrested in his home where he was thought to have hidden the body. The evidence I present will prove to you that the defendant is guilty as charged”

Dan takes a seat and the other lawyer stands up and begins talking to the jury. But Dan couldn’t pay attention to what was being said. His blood was still rushing in his ears.  

“The prosecution may call its first witness”

Again Dan couldn’t pay attention until Phil mumbled. “That’s not what he said in the interview.”

Dan tunes in and realizes that the defendant was speaking.

“Harold and I were friends. I would never want to hurt him on purpose”

Dan narrows his eyes at Phil. “Phil. Be quiet.” He hisses not really caring.

Phil shakes his head. “No. I can’t. He’s lying.” Before Dan can tell him to sit his ass down Phil stalks up to the jury causing murmurs to spring up and Dan to bury his head in his hands in embarrassment.

“This man is lying” He exclaims causing more murmurs to spring up. “Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury. I am Phil Lester and I am recording this case for a documentary. I gathered interviews from various people in this court, including the defendant. There for, I know that what he is saying is not the truth compared to what I have recorded.”

The defendant blanches and the jury looks at Phil skeptical. “May we hear the interviews”

Phil nods playing record on the little recorder he had used.

“This will be recorded. Are you alright with that Leo?”

“Yes, that’s fine”

“Alright. So Leo. You were charged with man slaughter. Why did you do it”

A laugh comes from the recorder. “Why wouldn’t I? He made fun of my parents! Not only that, he had been continuously bullying me. I’m glad he’s dead”

Everyone gasps except Dan who wasn’t listening. He was furious at Phil.

The judge nods.  “Thank you. You may be seated.”

Phil nods seemingly proud of himself. Until he faces Dan.

“Out” Dan hisses trying to keep his voice low at the judge interrogates Leo.

“What?” Phil asks.

“Take your entire film crew and get out! You’ve embarrassed me enough!” Dan hisses.

“But Dan-“ Phil tries again but Dan simply shakes his head pointing to the exit.

Phil sighs heading out.

Dan huffs not really paying attention to the rest until the Judge announces. “The defendant is found guilty. The jury is thanked and excused. Court is adjourned”

Dan’s eyes widen as the parents of Harold hug him thanking him over and over.

“If it wasn’t for that your friend of yours, Leo would be walking free! Thank You!” Dan nods still slightly dumbfounded.

He won. He won. He won! All thanks to phil. Who he had sent out.

He quickly gathers his papers hoping to apologize to Phil. He really had been a douche.

Dan runs out thinking that he’d have to run home but instead found Phil sitting with his head in his hands.

“Phil?” Dan whispers and Phil looks up.

“I’m sorry Dan! I shouldn’t have-“ Phil begins but Dan cuts him off.

“No. I’m sorry. Thanks to you, we won!” Dan exclaims. “D-Do you forgive me?” Phil nods.

“I do. Do you forgive me?”

Dan laughs with a nod. “I do.”

Phil grins. “So you won” He says before realizing what it meant. “You won against mike!”

Dan nods furiously and Phil hugs him.

“You won!”

“I won!”

They laugh holding each other tightly before pulling away.

As they do their eyes meet and everything else freezes.

All the shyness falls away as Phil pulls Dan closer and Dan leans down to meet his lips with Phil’s hoping the elder doesn’t pull away.

He doesn’t. Instead he leans closer and their lips meet.

They didn’t care about the bystanders, or about the possibly homophobic family Dan just won a case for. All that mattered was each other.

It wasn’t the cleanest kiss. In fact it was far from that. It was sloppy, and messy, with giggling and nose bumps, but it was perfect for them.

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