Some of you may know, some of you don’t. This is my dad, Ray Davies from ‘The Kinks’. Today at Buckingham Palace he was officially knighted Sir Ray Davies by Prince Charles himself! I wasn’t able to attend the event as I have piles of work and other things happening. But back in March 2004, I attending the same place with with my dad when he received his CBE award from Queen Elizabeth II. We’ve had our ups and downs, Dad, and behind all the “fame” you are at the end of the day my dad; just like everyone else. Sadly, a lot of people don’t get that for some odd reason and expect me to follow in his footsteps and become famous just like him. I am beyond proud of this man with all his hard-working, unique, creatively inspiring ideas and was not afraid to express them to the whole world back in the 1960s, along with back lashing comments from ‘The Beatles’ who tried to challenge my dad and his band, when all he wanted to be was himself and not be in competition with anyone else. Brave ol’ man x

A few months ago I saw Ray Davies from The Kinks in a restaurant. I wanted to say hello, because he’s a genius, but I was nervous. And also I thought, ‘What would happen if he went “Get lost - I’m having my dinner!”? But he took my hand and talked to me. It was wonderful.
—  Peter recounts a celebrity encounter of his own (TV Times)