ray does art

Cause if you’re messing with me,
I am a dangerous weapon
I am the sharpest of blades;
I’ll cut you down in a second
Cause I was born in this pain,
It only hurts if you let it,
So if you think you can take me
Then you should go and forget it

“Infinite” by Andy Bane and Tyler Smyth (Sonic Forces)

This is my unofficial thing for today mainly because I’m a butt who ran out of time! I’m amused that a lot of us wanted to do the vampire au, also I have no clue just how bad the quality is so good luck



Duke isn’t happy with a lot of stuff xD

But I love this! Vamp AU will reign supreme!!!!!

Day 9 - Sunflower

I completely messed up the lineart for todays inktober, and I didn’t feel like redrawing it traditionally because I’m scared af. So I drew it digitally, don’t know if this really counts as inktober now, but oh well :p


had this supernatural creature! au for the AH boys stuck in my head for a while. i know there’s loads of those already but shhhh

ray’s my fave. tiny satyr ray drawing <3

Michael’s a demon - who after beeing summoned to earth accidentally created “The Jersey Devil” rumours oops. Gavin’s a witch’s apprentice (the witch being Geoff) and Ryan’s a vampire.

i’ll post more of this, much neater once my scanner is connected again and I can clean these up digitally