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Fandom: Supergirl (TV 2015)
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Relationships: Alex Danvers/Maggie Sawyer, sanvers
Characters: Alex Danvers, Maggie Sawyer, Kara Danvers, Supergirl - Character, Ray Archer (OC)
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I heard yall like angst. Here’s my take on the 2x19 promo. It will be multichapter!

Lana/Archer remind me of Bonnie/Damon in AU (plus Archer looks like an animated Ian) but there are parts of Archer that gives me Kai feels??

- The jokes (Can I see Kai telling Bonnie she is in the danger zone? Uh, yes. What was that joke he told her in 6x17 at Salvatore mansion? He and Archer are such dorks 😜)
- Speechless by Lana/Bonnie existing
- Revenge Rampage

Rules: tell us one favourite character from ten shows & tag ten people

Tagged by @headbangingsappho thank you soooooo much :3

Jeeeez, it’s gonna be so hard

1. Friends - Chandler Bing
2. The Legend of Korra - Bolin
3. Stargate - Jack O’neill
4. Total Drama Island - Chris McLean
5. Game of Thrones - Littlefinger
6. Westworld - Maeve
7. BoJack Horseman - Diane 
8. Scrubs - Dr. Cox
9. Legion - Lenny
10. Archer - Ray Gillette

Ten people?! :DD i know only you @zimfaye and @thelioncount

So does Archer not take place in the present time?

I just saw the first episode of the new season, and (SPOILER)

On Woodhouse’s grave it says he was born June 28, 1894? (it looks like) and died May 9, 19–-

The rest is blank due to the casket intentionally covering it.

title: a mosaic of chaos and sexual tension

summary: Post-Tragical History. It’s a day of fuck-ups for Cyril, beginning with the whole Spelvin fiasco and ending with an ill-advised conversation with his dad. One would think Cyril could manage to arrange a simple booty call but even that proves too much. Nevertheless, the results prove fruitful - much like an endless parade of cocktails with booze-soaked coworkers.

10 characters from 10 shows

RULES: tag 10 of your favorite characters from 10 different shows

I was tagged by @threelliot

This was actually kinda hard I have a lot of characters I care about djdpsnwik

But anyway

In no particular order:

Wynonna Earp from Wynonna Earp

Ray Gillette from Archer


Galavant from Galavant

Dean from the Iron Giant

Count Olaf from Netflix’s ASOUE

Frankie from Grace and Frankie

Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club

Leah from Twilight Series Eclipse and Breaking Dawn (fight me she is underappreciated in that sentient tire fire of a series)

Izzy from the Shadowhunters TV show

So like ye I guess that’s me

Uhm so what I tag people right?

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I don’t have many friends who weren’t already tagged ;^;

  • Krieger: All righty, can somebody give me a hand?
  • Cheryl: But Doctor, I thought the patient was getting the hand.
  • Krieger: Speaking of hands, nurse, I'm -
  • Cheryl: Overplaying yours?
  • Krieger: Well, I was gonna say "Putty in yours," my dear, but I'll have to hand it to ya.
  • Cheryl: Hmmm. Keep your hands to yourself, Doctor.
  • Cyril: Can we have a show of hands, who thinks this is getting out of hand?
  • Pam: ...Hand job.
  • Lana: Pam, you okay?
  • Pam: Do you people even give a shit?! *kills a guy*
  • Cyril: Good God, woman!
  • Pam: Cheryl's dumb ass gets me kidnapped and the shit kicked outta me all day and nobody even tries to rescue me?
  • Ray: Archer's fault!
  • Archer: Shut up.
  • Pam: YOU shut up! Mr. Pam's-not-worth-it! Then you stupid a-holes shoot a jillion stupid a-hole bullets at me!
  • Malory: Not me. I wasn't shooting.
  • Pam: *turns to Malory* And YOU. The worst o'the bunch.
  • Malory: Me? Why me?
  • Pam: 5,000 measly dollars?
  • Malory: You know, maybe I low-balled him at first, but I - I had some wiggle room.
  • Pam: Yeah? Well let's see how much you wiggle when I'm whipping 5,000 bucks worth of your ass.
  • Lana: Hey, woah, Pam!
  • Archer: Lana. Let her have this one.