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Smoak rompe empate con jonrón y Azulejos vencen a Rays

TORONTO (AP) — Justin Smoak rompió el empate con un jonrón en la octava entrada, Josh Donaldson añadió par de cuadrangulares solitarios y los Azulejos de Toronto derrotaron el jueves 5-3 a los Rays de Tampa Bay.

Smoak conectó el vuelacerca de dos carreras ante Tommy Hunter (2-4), su 33ro de la campaña, para que los Azulejos ganaran tres de los cuatro duelos de la serie contra los Rays para seguir en la pelea por un boleto de comodín en la Liga Americana. Toronto tiene marca de 10-5 en agosto.

Smoak bateó de 4-2 con tres carreras impulsadas.

Donaldson pegó sus jonrones 19 y 20 ante el derecho de los Rays Chris Archer, con batazos solitarios en los innings primero y quinto. Fue el 13er juego de su carrera con más de un cuadrangular y su tercero de la temporada.

Donaldson es líder de la Americana con 10 jonrones en el primero inning en la presente campaña, uno más que George Springer, de los Astros.

Donaldson, el Jugador Más Valioso de la Americana en 2015, pegó cuatro bambinazos en la serie de cuatro partidos, entre ellos un batazo de dos carreras en el primer juego de la serie el lunes y otro de tres carreras el martes. Tiene 11 cuadrangulares en los últimos 19 juegos.

Por los Azulejos, el cubano Kendrys Morales de 4-1. Los venezolanos Ezequiel Carrera y Miguel Montero, los dos de 3-0.

Por los Rays, tanto el cubano Adeiny Hechavarría como el venezolano Wilson Ramos pegaron de 4-2 con carrera anotada.

Quick reminder that Ray Gilette of Archer may have almost always gotten the short stick, but he existed and had such a cool background. Like….

-Ray was an ordained minister, and was legally capable of conducting marriages. It’s only brought up in comparison to him being a flaming gay once. After which, the matter is pretty much considered settled. They just sort of accept it, since it’s the least interesting thing they could focus on. 

-Ray was married to a lesbian for three years. They apparently met at a ‘Pray Away the Gay’ summer camp it’s implied his family sent him to. They sort of just both agreed to be each other’s beard to satisfy their families, and Ray mentioned still being on good terms with her after they decided to stop pretending and get divorced. 

-Ray’s family, despite having their clean polished-sounding last name, is about as stereotypically redneck as you can get. His younger brother apparently has been jealous of Ray the entire time bc he always had his life together and was effortlessly brave and confident. (Ray was, of course, upset that this came out after an entire lifetime of being ostracized for being gay and not manly enough.) 

-Ray was legitimately the only person aside from Lana on the main cast who was actually trained in bomb disposal. (Which meant, for drama, he had to be absent whenever there was a bomb present in a scene.) 

-Ray was the second best sniper on the main cast, right behind Lana. 

- If you needed a plan, the best ones usually came from Ray. As the gay man, he actually played straight man to most of the show’s antics. He was ignored as the character with common sense, not for being gay. (In fact, I think it’s brought up once, and this point is stated. They think his ideas, while they COULD work flawlessly, are pretty boring and straightforward. Also Archer is vocal and his name is in the title.)

I like Ray, okay?

Chris Archer's feud with the Astros' mascot escalated into a water-balloon fight

Chris O'Meara/AP;Scott Halleran/Getty Images

The ongoing feud between Rays pitcher Chris Archer and Astros mascot Orbit continues to escalate.

The rivalry between the two dates back to at least 2015, when Orbit compared Archer to Jaden Smith, noting both their similar appearances and Twitter habits. Then, just a few days ago, Archer issued Orbit a “Declaration of Unfriendliness” in which he resolved to carry out “a campaign of PRANKS, GAGS AND HIGH JINKS (sic)” on the mascot.

Archer wasted no time in making good on his promise. On Wednesday night, Archer approached Orbit with what looked like a playful peace offering — a framed diploma from the University of Raymond, implying that he had learned everything he knew from the Rays’ mascot.

But it was all a setup. As soon as Orbit stood for a series of photos with his diploma, he was ambushed by some of Archer’s foot soldiers who were hiding in the dug out wielding water balloons. Orbit took a few good shots, but was prepared for the uprising, tearing off his jersey to reveal a second jersey protected by a poncho. He also scrambled to pick up a water gun which he used to douse some watery revenge on the Rays.

You can watch video of the exchange shared by the Astros below.

The Rays and Astros wrap up their season series Thursday night, and there’s no doubt that both Archer and Orbit will want to get the best of each other in their last interaction of the season.

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