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so i'm a huge fan of the doors music but idk much about them.. what are some things not many people know about jim and the band in general? 🤔

oh boy oh boy uhhh how deep do u want me to go??? i never get to talk abt what I really want abt Jim so I’m gonna do it now fuck it

well starters for Jim he was mentally ill. bipolar??? prob. also a leetle gay. and a kinky son f a bitch. As for other relatively unknown things abt him… He was a southern gentleman! Although he worked 2 rid himself of whatever accent he may have had. excellent table manners. the secret to his hair was washing but not brushing it, he told John dens more that.

As for the rest of the band: Robby is a pro surfer n a great skateboarder. John LOVES bongos. And Obama. As for Ray hmmm Ray initially brought Jim to join his and his older brothers band Rick and the Ravens and his brothers found Jim to be way too weird. Also when the doors sorta lived all together in Ray and Dorothy’s beach house in Venice John Robby and Jim would listen to Ray and Dorothy bang all the time and imitate the noises. The first time John did acid he went into a room and jacked off. Robby is Jewish. Rays record collection got destroyed by Jim. Also ! Jim saw Ray v much as a father figure. He also saw his lawyer max fink as a father figure. Jim and Michael McClure went to gay bars together to hang out with poets. Jim went to gay bars and leather bars on his own to be Edgy and Cool. Also when Jim first got famous everyone tried to get Jim to like ‘nicer’ women and more 'proper’ or 'sophisticated’ women because Jim loved trans girls and prostitutes and weird girls and homeless girls a LOT. That’s all I got for now.

music for a relaxing summer evening:

Here’s a collection of tracks I’ve put together for a Summer Afternoon/Evening. You can stream it on Spotify here if you’re interested! 

AndrasWhat They Say
Animal CollectiveWinters Love
Beach HouseAstronaut
Bibiolovers’ carvings
Cashmere CatMirror Maru
Cloud ControlGold Canary
Colin StetsonAnd In Truth
Deep Sea ArcadeSeen No Right
The DrumsLet’s Go Surfing
The Flaming LipsThe Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
Fleet FoxesMykonos
FlumeTropical Sun
Fox + SuiSummer Storm
Julia BrownLibrary
Karen O And The KidsSailing Home
King KruleEasy Easy
Little JoyThe Next Time Around
MGMTOf Moons, Birds & Monsters
Monster RallySurf Erie
Neon IndianDeadbeat Summer
ParadesLoserspeak in New Tongue
Passion PitSleepyhead
Peter Paul And MaryLemon Tree
The ShinsPort Of Morrow
Sui ZhenLittle Frog
Tame ImpalaSundown Syndrome
Toro Y MoiTalamak
Two Door Cinema ClubWhat You Know
Unknown Mortal OrchestraFfunny Ffrends
The Velvet UndergroundI’m Sticking With You
Washed OutIt All Feels Right
The xxVCR