Kylo Ren trying to convince Rey to follow him and abandon her friends by saying “You’re nothing... But not to me.” is the creepiest, most manipulative thing I’ve ever heard a man say and that is a pretty high fucking bar. This is someone using her deepest fears, ripping them open and using them to his advantage. His is a man belittling a women, telling her she’s absolutely nothing unless she’s with him. This is shit a abusive boyfriend says. Stop. Glorifying. This.

hey umm y’all

can we just take a second and appreciate that the loser’s club has:

  • a boy who is struggling with the loss of his brother, and is trying his best to hold his group of friends together, while he is being bullied because of his unfortunate stutter.
  • a badass red headed girl who gets called “slut” and “whore” on a daily basis at the age of thirteen, gets abused by her dad in more ways than one, and gets bullied because of a lie, but still hangs out with her boys despite what people say about it because she loves them.
  • a cute as fuck poetic genius that gets picked on because of the size of his body, is the new kid at school, forced to have the bully’s name carved into his fucking stomach, and is underrated as fuck because of his weight…again.
  • a foul mouthed bisexual boy who may seem tough but is an actual cinnamon roll, has adhd, a fear of his loved ones leaving him for someone who doesn’t annoy them, a mother that wished she had had a daughter, and worried about being forgotten
  • a jewish boy that’s petrified of his parents, growing up, being alone, and the thought of going back to IT that it actually leads him to kill himself, (spoiler alert!) in hopes that people would see him, since he is usually left in the background most of the time.
  • a gay boy (scared of being outed) who is afraid of his own shadow because he’s been lied to all of his life about a sickness that he didn’t actually have, but could actually kill you if you messed with him or any of his friends.
  • an african american boy who gets bullied because of his skin color and was traumatized at a young age since he couldn’t save his parents from dying, and continously blames himself for his parents’ death.

this group is so diverse. fuck!