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Thursday, July 13: Gamma Ray, “Blood Religion”

The Gamma Ray concept began to wear thin with Majestic: maybe the production and arrangements were too blunt, or maybe the writing simply wasn’t quite up to par, but the band’s eighth record felt uninspired and unnecessary.  The only real exception was “Blood Religion”, a Kai Hansen-penned epic that was multi-faceted and urgent.  It was also more forceful than much of Majestic, with Daniel Zimmerman’s drums booming out of the speakers. Hansen’s vocals were committed and slightly less shrill than usual, and the band as a whole simply seemed to be enjoying themselves here.  Unfortunately, “Blood Religion” was apparently one of the last great tunes Gamma Ray ever wrote, as Majestic was the beginning of a long slide in quality that has yet to fully turn around.

stefy4ever  asked:

Can I go with sims? Because sims are great :)) Johnny/Ophelia, Ripp/Stella, Ripp/Jill, Buck/Jill, Angela/Dustin, John Mole/Natasha Una, Bella/Mortimer, Cassandra/Don, Jenny/Buzz (and what motivates you to ship them, I'm really really curious, they seem interesting together but I haven't put too much thought on them before), Lazlo/Crystal, Circe/Vidcund, Circe/Loki and lastly Jasmine Rai/ Zoe Zimmerman If you feel it is too much I understand, you can choose to answer only the ones you like :)

I LOVED doing this! It gave me such TS2 nostalgia, but also made me think about Postcards form Nowhere and asdfgdfshj thank you I love you <3

First one - answered already!

Ripp/Stella -  C (not a bad ship)

Actually, I’ve never thought about this one before! I guess they would meet in college and it’d be a short-term relationship, but they would split up peacefully and remain friends later in life. Ripp, as he grew up with the Smith, knows hella much about Aliens and I’m sure Stella would admire that. Also, Jenny (as his spare momma) would surely send him packs of home-made snacks, so Stella and her love for cookies would benefit from this!

Ripp/Jill - A (love it)

When I was younger, I thought this ship was insane, but I somehow grew to love it after some years of thinking over the TS2 PSP storyline. It applies to Postcards, too; in my story, Buck is dead (I’m sorry) and they both try to somehow build their lives around the absence of him. After some time Jill falls in love with the characteristics of Ripp that she’d have come to love in Buck if he’d survived and grown older with her. It’s the softness and caring side; on the other hand, Ripp admires in Jill the same traits. She can bring some peace and rationality to his messed up, artistic soul. Ripp would find it difficult to summon up the courage to tell Johnny about it though, which reminds me Harry, Ron and Ginny situation in Harry Potter XD

Buck/Jill - B

Again, one of the ‘classical ships’, no hard feelings, though I had a mental barrier which I had to break in order to accept Jill/Ripp pairing. I think they would have ended up together for sure if Buck had survived. They both soft and caring souls, yet Jill is the dominant one when she needs to, she took it after Jenny.

Angela/Dustin -  B/C

I used to ship it hard when I was younger, but now I just… do. I mean, it’s lovely that Dustin has somebody close in this hard time and I totally see Angela babysitting the babies for a symbolic amount of money, but now that I’ve read much more stories, I see it as a schematic Bad Boy/Mary Sue (haha, a pun) relationship, and… I don’t know, just no strong emotions.

John/Natasha - A+ (OTP)

Oh damn yes. I ship it so hard! You see, he’s the weird and worrying guy the whole neighbourhood is talking about, but nobody really gets to know him, they’re slightly afraid maybe, but he doesn’t let them in either. And she’s the cheerful extravagant painter and actually the only one not to judge him. She challenges herself to make friends with him, and though he’s not really interested in it at first, he grows closer to the funny redhead and he doesn’t even realise it. They drive each other insane sometimes, but are ready to defend the other one when needed and soon become the weirdest couple in the neighbourhood. It seems odd to everyone else, but they actually understand each other’s peculiar ways of life pretty well and are tolerant to the small oddities (I mean, John walks around in an ankle-length black coat in July, and Natasha refuses to serve anything but grilled cheese for dinner. And they both just shut up and live with it).

Bella/Mortimer - A+

Both classical ships AND hard feelings. What to say more? I ship it like hell. One of my first OTPs actually, it could have started even back in 2007!

Cassandra/Don - E (don’t really like it)

I know there’s a whole community of Dossandra shippers and I myself love one story where they’re together, but as for the relationship itself, I don’t think their characters match. They’re just so different from each other - too different to change. They both wouldn’t be happy in this relationship.

Jenny/Buzz - A+ [long rambling below]

This Juzz madness has been actually started by my best friend, as a joke I believe; I fell into feels though. Why I ship it? Well, I think Jenny’s strong but caring character would sooth Buzz’s anger, grief and bitterness that poison his soul after Lyla’s sudden death (for which he blames himself, though he never told it to anyone). She isn’t blind to what he did (we all know he was a shitty father; he never hit his children, but he was far from Lyla’s motherly softness), but she understands his pain, unless everybody else. Jenny still sees the young Buzz beneath the surface - before the failed marriage and loss hardened him - and she’s desperate to get that old Buzz out again. I think everyone sees him as someone only hurting people; she knows he’s hurt, too. She actually defendedhis children from him when he was mad at them for nothing (usually it applied to Ripp) and she strongly disapproves his violent reactions, but she sees the way to solve this whole crisis by also healing him, as she thinks Buzz hurts people mostly because he is tangled up in all this pain and grief and anger from these years after Lyla’s death (and she’s right).

In my headcanon they weren’t a couple in teenage years; only good friends. I think they had to change through their life (I see young Jenny as even more stubborn than adult Jenny), get older and wiser to realise what they mean to each other, and after all this time of hurting and fighting, finally build love on common understanding.

Lazlo/Crystal - B

Oooh they’re such hippie dorks! I mean, I see them being around 30 in TS2 and they still act like in high school. They have nothing against showing their love to each other, so they kiss in public, go to Lazlo’s science parties together and play video games whole afternoons because they’re nerds. Tbh (spoiler) I’m still unsure whether to kill Crystal off in my story or not, because I think Lazlo would die without her…

Circe/Vidcund - A+

As I’m more into simblr community, I see that most Simmers interpret Circe as the ‘worse’ of the Beakers couple, but to me, it’s always been Loki, even before I joined the community! I ship Circund for life; I see Circe being stuck between a rock and a hard place, as she either married Loki for money or splendor (he had already made a name in the scientific society, unlike Vidcund) and at first their marriage (or, more, cooperation) was inspiring for her, but then he started to experiment on people (Nervous, Gimi) and she didn’t want it, but couldn’t get out; didn’t know how. Loki abused her to remain silent, and she had no one to turn to and nowhere to escape.

In my story, she works with the Curious brothers in the military lab and there’s a huge tension between her and them (when she broke up with Vid, well, he took it hard, and you know, family support), but Vidcund still secretly dreams that they will somehow get together one day. I think their relationship would be even more inspiring for Circe’s scientific side and her ambition to learn and develop, and it would be healthier, for sure. I mean, in my headcanon Loki just ruins her life slowly, so yeah.

Circe/Loki - F (NOTP)

Explained above!

Jasmine Rai/ Zoe Zimmerman - N/A (don’t know well enough)

I saw many people shipping these girls, but I personally never got into Uni pre-mades’ personalities really, so I don’t have an opinion. I might think about this ship when I get back to playing TS2 one day though!

To everybody who read the whole thing - let me shake your hand and kiss you.


Deadmau5 finds the vocals for The Veldt, March 20th, 2012.
(I do not have ownership over the video, or of the recorded stream)


I wish I had better gameplay pictures taking skills (?) because the amount of drama in this neighbourhood is amazing.

-Blossom tried her best to be Mickey’s fiancee. And failed. By the end of a long chain of infidelities Matthew was the only person she didn’t hate so, yeah, stick together, you crazy kids. Those are Mickey’s daughters btw. 

-Guy has magic-hair-cutting-fingers and pays attention to very little else. Mickey is working as a comic book penciller and hoping to make it big. Or something. He helps Guy out when the house gets too crowded of clients. No kids here, thankfully.

-Zoe and Jasmine have two babies and very little to talk about. They try and play music in community lots when they have the time. Which isn’t often.

-My favourites <3 That’s Gunnar’s kid. They have a book shop that loses money because they both suck at customer service.

-More Mickey’s spawn being raised by anyone but Mickey. Gunnar’s a way better dad than I expected tbh. Frances has almost maxed his magic skills and I honestly don’t know what to do with that power, hm.

Not pictured: the former members of the Tri-Fruhm sorority. More toddlers than adults in that household. Periodical fighting. Fuck ‘em.

Sam Dubose decided to run over Ray Tensing, like Alesia Thomas forced that cop to beat her to death on camera even though she was 100% restrained, like Mike Brown raced through a hail of bullets to kill Darren Wilson for no reason, like Walter Scott stole Michael Slager’s taser, like Trayvon Martin randomly attacked George Zimmerman from bushes that the police photographs proved where never there, like Sandra Bland committed suicide for no reason. At some point, you have to go “Wait, this is bullshit!” And if you don’t, well, you’re a fool anyway and I can’t reason with fools. I refuse to even try. It’s beneath me, quite frankly.
Respect Me or Else!

So as I think about the various police killings of the last few months (Brown, Garner, Rice) and other incidents of violence (Ray Rice; George Zimmerman, countless other reports and instances of domestic and other forms of violence), I find myself struck at how clearly one concept or emotion seems to be at the heart of most of these horrible incidents:


Think about it. At the end of the day, what got Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson angry at Michael Brown was not that Brown had allegedly robbed a store (since Wilson did not yet know this), or that Brown had allegedly roughed up a store employee (since Wilson did not know this, either). Nope. What Wilson reacted to, blocking traffic as a consequence, was that Michael Brown was walking down the middle of the street.

How dare he? And when Brown refused to move when ordered (disrespecting Wilson, at least in Wilson’s view), the confrontation escalated to its brutal end.

Likewise, what did Eric Garner do “wrong?” Well, nothing – legally. But he did not comply with police orders instantly, without resistance, docilely – which, of course, he was under no legal obligation to do. The officers, feeling disrespected, fought. And Eric Garner died.

This doesn’t just happen for police officers, of course. George Zimmerman seethed with perceived disrespect as Trayvon Martin walked through Zimmerman’s gated community. It takes little imagination to imagine that the last thing that flashed through Ray Rice’s mind before he punched his then-fiance was that she was disrespecting him by challenging/arguing/whatevering was going on that ended with him punching her and knocking her out.

And then there are the mass murderers, so many of whom seem to have scores to settle with people who never had the slightest idea they were on a “hit list.”

The thing about disrespect is that it is perceived in the mind of the “disrespected” person as much (or more) than the “disrespecter.” I might have no idea I hurt someone’s feelings or made them feel disrespected: I, after all, live inside my head, not theirs. Alternatively, I can intend to signal disrespect but reap only mockery or indifference: if the person I intend to disrespect doesn’t care about my opinion, my disrespect is of no matter to them.

Somehow we have built a society filled with people who feel disrespected all the time and who are willing to act out on that feeling – all too often to deadly effect. I wish I had an easy solution to this problem, but I don’t. Fewer guns would probably help, as would group counseling for the whole nation. Presuming both of those are unlikely, perhaps the best advice is: next time you get mad because you think someone has disrespected you, breathe. Take a brief break and remember that it’s about them, not about you. You’ll feel better. Really!