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Morning Delight (M)

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A/N: I meant to have this done by Jin’s birthday but… Obviously that didn’t happen. Seokjin needs love too, okay. He’s so under appreciated it’s upsetting and I wanted to give him some love.

Words: 2,510

Warnings: Swearing, smut, mild - and I mean mild - dirty talk, and table sex.

Sunlight flowed through the crack in the curtains, warm rays hitting your face as you sit up in bed with your back against the headboard. Beside you is your boyfriend, light snores coming from him as he sleeps soundly. The light illuminating from the sun hits his face in a way that almost takes your breath away, his caramel skin seemingly glowing with the rays. His full lips are slightly pouty, parted slightly as he breathes. The covers are pulled halfway down his body, his broad shoulders and back revealed to you, his shoulders rising with every breath he takes. He looks peaceful, serene almost, and you can’t help but let a frown form on your face. He’s been working so hard lately with all of the comeback work and practice; coming home late at night exhausted and only being able to get - at most - three hours of sleep, and you knew it was beginning to take a toll on him. Bags were beginning to form under his eyes, forced smiles would appear on his full lips, and you knew that he just didn’t have any energy left in him right now. But now, with a few days off, you’re hoping that you can help in at least some way to get him relaxed.

With that thought in your mind, you let a small smirk form on your lips as you quietly slip out of the bed and make your way out of your shared room. Jin’s t-shirt clung to your body, the hem falling just above your knees, and swished along as you made your way into the kitchen. With everything he has done for both you and the boys, you decided to return the favor to him.

Grabbing everything you needed - eggs, bacon, sausage, bread - you placed them onto the counter and reached to grab one of the frying pans in the cupboard. With the quiet volume of the music playing on your phone, you hum quietly as you begin to make breakfast for the two of you. Slowly you lose yourself in the soft melodies coming from your phone and your hips sway side to side, your fingers turning off the stove once the breakfast was done. But just as you were going to turn around and grab two plates, a pair of arms wraps around your waist and you’re being pulled into a warm chest.

“If I knew I was going to wake up to this, I would’ve been up sooner.”

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Morning after your first time w/ Wonho Moodboard for @wonhowonderland <3

Inspired by SoMo’s cover of “Wanted” by Hunter Hayes

Last night was perfect. It was your first time and you were more nervous than you had imagined. You had been the one to initiate last nights intimacy, but your inexperience caused you to change your mind at the last minute. Wonho never pressured you. He was just as content to simply hold you all night, as long as he was with you nothing else mattered. His understanding and tenderness helped to calm your nerves and reminded you why you had chosen him to be your first. Wonho was the only one you had ever considered losing your virginity too. You longed to be close to him in this way. And now with your inhibitions calmed you were able to experience one of the best nights of your life.

Now it was the morning after and you could feel the warm rays of sunlight on your face. You groaned at the thought of having to leave bed and snuggled deeper into Wonho’s arms. He let out a muffled yawn and kissed the nape of your neck while whispering “good morning, beautiful” in your ear. Turning to face him while still wrapped in his arms, you were greeted with his signature heart stopping smile. All of a sudden your shyness returned full force and you buried your face in his neck to hide the blush in your cheeks. Wonho pulled your face back to his, placing small kisses all over it, the last on your forehead. “I love you” was all he said before throwing you over his shoulder as he got up from the bed eliciting a squeal from you when he spanked your bottom declaring it was shower time.


Request: anonymous: Hello love! Do you write for Pietro? If so can I request something where it’s the reader’s birthday and Pietro surprises them with like a fancy date or something they really wanted like a puppy or something

Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Word count: 1.119

Warnings: nope

A/N: So, anon, I decided to go with the fancy date. Pietro has now a big place in my heart. Enjoy x   

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Bright rays of sunshine on your face woke you up. Smiling, you let them warm you, lightening up not only your room but also your mood. You sat up and stretched your limps. You hadn’t had anything to do today, so you decided to hop into the shower and see what the others were up to.

Quickly stripping down, you got onto the shower and let the warm water run over you. You couldn’t stop smiling and briefly wondered why. Deciding it must be because of the luxurious showers Tony had installed at the tower, you let your thoughts wander.

20 minutes later you reluctantly left the shower due to the water slowly getting colder. Stepping into your room, you instantly noticed the small envelope lying on your pillow.

Curious, you sat down on your bed and picked it up. It had your name written on it, but other than that you saw nothing. You didn’t recognize the writing, so you opened the envelope and found a card inside.

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I fantasize about you and I a lot, and I don’t mean it’s about us having sex.

I fantasize about how it would feel to wake up next to you and see the rays of sunlight hitting your face through my window’s curtains.

I fantasize about us going on a date to a restaurant we’ve both never tried before and the food ends up tasting horrible, but we’ve both had a good time because we laughed a lot.

I fantasize about seeing you at your happiest, because I have always adored the smile lines that form on your face and I want to trace them with my fingertips.

I fantasize about us going on a long drive on an empty road with the windows rolled down and soft music playing on the radio at six in the morning, and not coming back home until six in the afternoon.

I fantasize about how it would feel to bare myself to you about the secrets and sorrows I have never told anyone, and listen to you talk about yours. 

I fantasize about us at a party and instead of being the couple who dances the night away among everyone, we’d sit alone at the corner table without a care in the world.

I fantasize about being the first person you think of when you wake up and the last person you see before you sleep.

 I  fantasize about you knowing that I am in love with you, and feeling the same way.

—  Am I ever in your dreams?

Picture this on a Polaroid:

We are on the streets of Vienna. The sun is ready to set. It was one of those warm, windy summer days. Your hair is ruffled and sun rays sets on your pretty face as we walk through Viennese buildings, seeking for a vinyl store. You smile because you are happy. We feel free, lonely and completed. The world does not exist. We are this moment.

Kisses For Breakfast (Jin x Reader)

Requested by anon: Jin morning sex smut


The sun’s emitting rays travelled inside your bedroom through the glasses of your windows as morning came around. The luminous rays shone directly on your face - illuminating every tiny detail of the delicate surface of your skin. Your exposure to the sun’s risen state caused your eyes to sensitively flutter open, it took you approximately two or three blinks before your blurry vision cleared itself away to enable you to distinguish what was in front of you. Even though, you wanted to blame the light intensity of the sun rise for waking you up truthfully that wasn’t even close to the cause. The real cause was the soft plump lips that greeted your face by placing light puckered pecks wherever they could. The same plump lips that belonged to your boyfriend “Jin” you spoke in a soft murmur troubling to fight the sleepy tone that was installed in your voice. 

“Morning, baby” he said in a mumble as he stuffed his face into the crook of your neck inhaling your scent which somehow caused you to gently giggle due to how his breath was tickling your skin “Jin~ stop” you playfully said as you placed both of your hands on his waist carefully attempting to push him off of you. He instantly stopped however he still hovered on top of you. 

“_____~ah, did you sleep well?” you hummed in response as you nodded slightly. 

“What about you?” He took a while before answering back but he ended up imitating the way you responded, you couldn’t really understand why he took so long if it was just to copy you but little did you know that he was actually staring at you in admiration.

Whilst looking down at you a faint smirk placed itself on his lips “What are you thinking about?” He shrugged as he went to lay beside you and started staring at the ceiling deep in thought, you rested your head against his naked chest waiting patiently for him to reply back “Well … I just … I never realised how lucky I am to be able to wake up by your side every single day and … I was just thinking ab-about how much luckier I would be if I got to spend the rest of my life with you and just grow old with you.” Completely oblivious to where this was going you looked up at him with a confused expression on your face that made him chuckle ever so quietly before placing a peck on your cheek “You’re so beautiful. _____, I love you so much.” 

“I love you too” you shyly smiled at him “No, you don’t get it I love you so much. I love everything about you. I love your smile, your eyes, your lips, your body. I love absolutely everything you have to offer on the exterior as well as the interior but there is something that’s bothering me and I only noticed it until now.” You rose your eyebrows finding yourself extremely confused for the second time “What did I do?” you asked innocently.

“You slept in my t-shirt again” you laughed at his remark but you instantly stopped when you felt his hand slowly lifting your shirt up “Wait, I’m not wearing anything under.” His eyes widened “You seriously have nothing under?” You tilted your head slightly to the side “I don’t have a bra on - why?” He simply bit his lip and made it seem as if he just asked it out of the blue.

In the matter of seconds you were under his weight as he pressed his lips against your own to distract you from his hand that gradually made its way to your bare breast from under the shirt. His teeth tugged harshly at your bottom lip to enable your lips to part so that he could gain easier access to your mouth - it didn’t hurt as much you had anticipated, yet, you still let a small wince evade your mouth - he let his tongue explore your own in a passionate and heated kiss. Meanwhile, his hand started playfully squeezing and massaging your boob in circular motions … Grabbing his wrist you pushed his hand away to find a way to get him under your own weight. You broke from the kiss, sitting up slightly so that he would follow your lead, as soon as he was no longer on top of you, you took the opportunity to straddle him. Jin still tried pulling the hem of the shirt upwards as he placed his lips close to your ear - whispering “Take it off”

You followed his order and took the shirt off to reveal your bare breast along with your fully erected nipples that were pointing in his direction. His eyes examined your eyes for a while - almost lingering on to your gaze before finding it inevitable to stare at your boobs. “Beautiful” he murmured as he settled his hands on your waist, tightening his grip on you as he pressed his lips on your neck, closing his eyes and inhaling your sweet aroma for a couple of seconds longer than he had intended causing you to find yourself smiling at how cute you found him. Later, his tender kisses had trailed all the way down to your chest before coming to a halt. He threw you an intense glare whilst trying to figure out a way to tease your nipples with his fingers, you looked down at him feeling as though he was taking his time on purpose. 

His hand made its way to your breast carefully cupping it with his palm as he carefully took your nipple into his mouth letting the tip of his tongue wet it before harshly sucking on the sensitive skin that surrounded your nipple. Unintentionally letting out a breathy moan due to the tingly sensation his tongue gave you. Looking down at him you closely observed what he was doing to you. He was fully aware that you were watching him therefore it encouraged him into wanting to make you moan a little more. His teeth were lightly tugging on your nipple as his free hand grabbed on to your other breast, slightly teasing it as he alternated between his thumb and index finger … Evidently making your breath more audible to his ears. 

A few seconds after you were getting into it, Jin stopped in the hope that you would beg for more, though, you didn’t. 

Instead, you began planting gentle kisses on his neck gradually moving your kisses downwards along his collar bone before you cautiously and lightly sunk your teeth into his skin whilst sucking on the skin on his collar bone at the same time causing small huffs to pass his lips as his hands made their way to your back. When you finally stopped, you found yourself fascinated upon how quickly the spot you sucked had reddened in colour - it was almost as if your mouth had marked its territory on his body. 

All of a sudden you could feel Jin slowly grinding against your clothed core making sure to bring your body closer to one another’s, though, he still managed to look up at you and whilst doing so his teeth were sinking into his bottom lip. You rested the palm of your hands against his shoulders, rolling your hips in circular motions as you synchronised with his movements - teasing him in a way as his erection progressed into a stiff bulge in his boxers. His fingers slid back down to your waist and dug into your skin adding intense tension to the current atmosphere.

Before getting off him, you placed an aggressive kiss on his lips until you could feel his lips beginning to feel swollen against your own. Your fingers hooked themselves around the hem of his boxers subtly pulling down on them as to aid him taking them off and swiftly enclosing his exposed member in your hand. 

You stroked him at a lengthy pace causing him to tilt his head back, slightly hissing every once in a while due to how much his cock was throbbing but also in the desperate hope that you would suck his length until his toes curled in excitement. Glaring into his eyes you lightly rubbed your thumb over the head of his manhood - intimidating him as he was under your control. He bucked his hips towards you a little bit as he grew impatient of your teasing which caused a faint smirk to install itself upon your lips.

You brushed your lips against the head of his member before letting your tongue lick the top of his tip. Almost instantly, his hands pulled your hair into a ponytail so that he could be more attentive to what you were doing. Your tongue had smothered the whole length of his dick before finally taking him into your mouth making his breathing quicken and his grip on your hair tighten a bit. Your head bobbed up and down as you tested how much of him you could take into your mouth without it causing you any pain as his tip eagerly yet gently poked towards the back of your throat. He let out a low hurl of satisfaction as he released his grip from your hair allowing you to stop. 

Crawling slightly closer to him, you saw the deep hunger developing in his eyes starting to gradually become prominent. In a swift movement, you found yourself under him and once more his lips found themselves kissing the length of your neck but this time his hand that rested at your side found itself sliding all the way down to your clothed core before his fingers commenced tracing the outline of your clit through the fabric of your panties. Unintentionally, you quietly gasped finding yourself feeling as though his teasing towards you was unbearable gratifying torture. He placed his lips close to your ear as his whispers sent you shivering slightly “Are you nice and wet for me?” 

You bit hard on your lip to prevent yourself from responding to him but that’s when you felt his hand slip inside your underwear for direct skin-on-skin contact with your clit. He started off by drawing smooth and light circles against your clit continuing to ask you the same question though it appeared the more you resisted the more pressure he would add causing soothing moans of pleasure to evade your mouth “Jin~”

He hummed in response as he readied himself to take off your panties, seeing as you weren’t really saying anything he planted one last peck along the surface of the skin on your neck before rubbing himself against your pussy lips to prepare you promptly for his entrance inside you. With either of his hands beside you, he pushed himself as slowly as he possibly could and pulled himself out of you at the same pace meanwhile you wrapped your legs around him. He repeated the process a few times before deepening his thrusts into you with the use of a very delicate grinding motion that caused little beads of sweat to produce on both of your foreheads as your body temperatures rose by the minute. His soft groans and moans harmonised perfectly well with your own but soon you felt his thrusts quickening inside you thus reaching a spot inside you that made your find it incredibly difficult to not curse under your breath and finding it ridiculously impossible to not scream out of the immense satisfaction he was giving you. The sound of his skin slapping against yours reverberated the room, yet, his aggressive grunts had managed to drown your cries of sexual pleasure. 

“Jin I’m really close” you breathlessly spoke as waves of electrifying relish took over the control of your body as your walls clenched tighter around him and you felt the sensation of knots tying themselves at the pit of your stomach 

“Cum for me, baby.” Jin said whilst gradually slowing down his movements inside you. His lips sloppily engulfed your moans as he let his releases fill up your insides while you completely allowed you body to relax feeling as though most of your energy had been drained. Jin took in a few more weak thrusts into you before fully pulling himself out of you and laying by your side to invite you to a long cuddle session under the blanket’s warmth.

“Jin, do you think the neighbours heard us. Maybe we were a bit … too loud?”

He shrugged his shoulders as a smug look appeared on his face due to him thinking about how much you were screaming his name. 

“Who cares about the neighbours, you were amazing … Yah, I just want to know that I love you so much.”

“I love you too.”

With his free hand he tucked the piece of hair that was about to cover your face, behind your ear “And also I was thinking that we could start thinking about taking a step further in our relationship.”

“What are you saying?” your eyes shifted from one of his eye to the other  repetitively as you found yourself lost in what he was implying.

Sitting up a little bit he grabbed an object from the drawer next to him as he took your hand into his own “I know it’s not the ideal time or place in which I should ask you this question but I was being really serious when I said that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. So, _____, will you marry me?”

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I wish, one day I could wake up to you on a sunny morning,
And look at how the sun rays make your beautiful face even more beautiful.
And then I would kiss you.
You would call out to me in your sexy morning voice.
We will run all around the house, and cook breakfast together, together, laughing and smiling.
Then I would spend the afternoon in your arms, watching stupid movies and having ice creams.
And then at night, we would go to a beach, we will walk around together, together, hand in hand. And admire the beauty of the sea. I will smile to myself, looking at how you glow with the moonlight shining on your face.
And then we would go to bed. Together, together knowing that if am scared, you are there to hold me and calm me down. Knowing, that am always safe in your arms.

I wish, one day, I could wake up next to you on a snowy morning.
And admire your beautiful face. I will hug you tight and aspire to be in those arms forever.
Then I would, get you your favourite hot chocolate and breakfast.
I would wake you up with a kiss on your face, and look how perfectly that frown changes into a smile. Everything will be so warm and comfortable.
We will rest in the afternoon and go ice skating in the evening, and I will hold you each time you fall.
Then we come home to a tired night, and we would just put on some movie and order our favourite pizzas. And the rest of the night, would be, just cuddling and snuggling with each other.

43. “I picked these for you.” [GOT7′s Mark]

You woke to the sun’s rays on your face as your lady-in-waiting Umji opened up the curtains. It was the day your parents set for another date, you groaned at the thought.

Umji turned to you and without opening your eyes, her displeasure radiated throughout the room. She didn’t like it when you were reluctant, because that made her job a thousand times more difficult. She wanted to be nothing more than your friend, your closest friend, which was why she was the only one you let into your room.

But she had to obey your parents, they wanted you dressed and ready for the date and that was going to happen one way or another. You took your time to shower as she waited diligently.

“Do you even know his name?” You asked her as she waited. You rinsed out the shampoo and moved on to conditioner.

She paused a moment, “Yes, weren’t you listening?” She said teasing, knowing full well how hard you had been fighting this arrangement.

It had already been two years worth of dates with possible suitors, all of which you scared away. They were too.. proper, they didn’t feel right at all. Holding conversations made your skin crawl with all the awkward tension between you and each boy.

“I just know he’s a Prince from the neighboring kingdom. We only see everyone once a year at the annual Ball thrown by the diva herself, Princess Taeyeon.” You replied, finishing up by washing your face quickly.

Umji handed you a towel and you dried off while she also held out your undergarments for you to take. “Well, his name is none other than Mark Tuan. And if I remember correctly, we all used to play together when we were 5.” She told you curtly and you frowned.

“Prince Mark?” You mused on that thought, the name sounded familiar, but you couldn’t quite place a face to the name. But so many royals attended Taeyeon’s parties, it was a miracle you didn’t drown in formalities.

“Yes, he’s all grown up now, as are you. And the other ladies would like me to tell you that he is quite handsome.” Umji said, picking out the light green dress and a thin petticoat for extra warmth in case it got cold.

You rolled your eyes at that, “Just because they’re good looking doesn’t mean they have good hearts. Even if I have to be in an arranged marriage, that doesn’t mean I can’t be picky.” You reminded her, having explained your criteria for your future husband to her before.

“Yes yes, I know, but he’s nice, everyone’s heard great things about him.” Umji twisted your hair into a braid, weaving flowers through it. The first meeting was always tea in the garden, safe and always gave the boys room to run away.

“That’s what you’ve said about every other guy.” You casually pointed out, it took a few more minutes to get ready and soon, it was time to meet him.

You walked out and saw his carriage had already arrived but he was nowhere to be found. “That’s a new record isn’t it? Running away before even meeting me?” You whispered under your breath and Umji nudged you harshly.

You turned to her and glared, following her lead into the garden, the table was already set up and you saw him looking around at the roses you had. Your parents chose all the varieties you just liked the colors of it all. He was taller than you, one criteria met, he stood rather formally, and you noticed his coat tails hung out loosely.

You had heard from others before about how uncomfortable they get, so that was another plus for him, comfort over formality. He turned to you, and you froze as your eyes met.

Umji was giddy, looking at your reaction and she had to stifle her giggles. He was so different, you remembered his face now, so clearly. “Speechless, milady?” Umji teased and you glared before looking back at him.

He rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly, smiling as you approached. He reached for your hand and you immediately curtsied as he brought it up to his lips, “Hello, Princess ______.” He greeted you.

You smiled back, “Hello, Prince Mark. It’s been a rather long time.” You replied, knowing your parents were watching. You didn’t know from where but they always hovered over these dates.

He chuckled nervously, “I wasn’t sure if you would remember.” He said, he still had one hand behind his back and you looked at him curiously.

You bit your own lip, feeling the butterflies in your stomach. “As if I could forget.” You whispered lowly, but it was so quiet, there was no way he didn’t hear it.

He chuckled again and let out a deep breath, “I picked these for you.” He said, revealing a small bouquet of white roses with red-tipped petals.

You smiled, taking them from him and smelling them. These were your favorites, you had no idea how he knew, but the one rose variety your parents didn’t have was your absolute favorite. “Thank you.” You said sweetly.

He let out another nervous breath, but this time you could sense some relief from him. “I hope the rumors I hear about you aren’t true?” He said questioningly and you couldn’t help but grin.

“Oh, I’m not sure you’ll like what you hear then.” You teased, the formality level already dropping down to something more comfortable.

He laughed easily this time, “That’s not a good sign.”

Early Morning Confessions (Dan Howell x Reader)

Pairing: Dan Howell x Reader

Genre: Fluffier than cotton candy

Word Count: 515 (Sorry it’s really short)

Summary: Just another morning with your boyfriend Dan with a little something extra.




You slowly opened your eyes and were met with the view of the blue sky outside of your window. You basked in the sun’s rays that warmed your face. You felt the arm resting on your waist move as Dan pulled you closer to his chest. You turned so you were facing him. He looked so peaceful while he was sleeping. You couldn’t help but admire him. His hair in its natural waves that you absolutely adored. He would call it “hobbit hair” but you saw it as something unique and wonderful about him. Everything about him was unique and wonderful. His bright smile, his witty comments, his kind personality. You didn’t understand why he chose you out of all people. His bans had fallen in front of his eyes so you reached up and gingerly swept them to the side.

“Enjoying the view?” Dan asked cheekily.

You looked at him, startled, with your hands still caught in his chocolate brown hair. The shock of him waking up was evident in your expression. Your cheeks immediately flushed as you buried your face into the crook of his neck. He smiled at your bashfulness and hugged you tighter. His fingertips gently traced patterns up and down your spine as you snuggled closer to him. These were moments you cherished. Where it was just you and Dan enjoying each other’s company. You loved him with all of your heart and actually thought that he could be “the one”. You knew it sounded like a bad romance movie but you couldn’t help it. It was just the way you felt. Dazed from your blissful state encircled in Dan’s arms, you voiced your feelings.

“I love you Dan” you said breathily.

You tensed in his embrace, feeling even more embarrassed than before. It was the first time you had ever said “I love you” to him. You didn’t know how he would respond. Would he think you were being too forward? Would he say it back?  You felt him move one of his hands away from your waist and used it to hold your chin. He moved your face up to look at him before he sealed your lips with a kiss. His lips moved gently against yours as you cupped his face to bring him closer. Dan brushed his lips against yours once more before he pulled away slightly.

“I love you too Y/N” he whispered. You observed his hair that was now even more tousled than before and that bright grin he had on his face as watched you with a gaze full of affection. He looked at you as if you were the most precious thing in the world and you treasured him more than anything. You believed him when he said he loved you and you meant it when you said you loved him. You returned his smile with an even wider one. He then resumed cuddling you and nuzzled himself into your collarbone. You two probably sat there for hours, relishing in the warmth of the grasp of your one true love.

The Moon and the Sun- A Suho Wolf!Au (Part 5)

 part 1 , part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 6

Your eyes fluttered open as you felt the warm rays of sunshine caressing your face though your window, smiling widely, as you took in the figure of your sleeping boyfriend beside you, his arm draped over your body protectively, holding you close. You could feel his heartbeat against your skin. You had grown to love that rhythm, you would often find that no matter how nervous or upset you were, as  soon as he touched you, your heart would slow down to mimic his stable beats.

It was difficult for you to fully come to terms with this relationship sometimes, it had all happened so fast, it felt like you had skipped multiple chapters in a book, and you were having to deal with second-guessing what was happening.  But it felt so right. Just being without him for an hour would make your heart ache. It was crazy, you had never felt this way before, but then again, you had never bonded with a wolf before.

It took you some time to accept things, he had you move in the day after your first night together, the thought of you being anywhere other than by his side completely unacceptable to him. He was terrified of being too far away if you ever needed help, or protection. So he had the guys help you move what little things you had in your lonesome apartment. Most of them helped gladly, but the two youngest ones whined and complained all the time while they brought in boxes, and furniture, which made you laugh. In the end, no matter how tall they were, they were still children.

You had only met the boys about a month ago, but they had warmed up to you so quickly, you would have thought you had been best friends your whole life. They looked up to you the same way they looked up to Suho, though you were proud to admit they often listened to you more, only because they didn’t want a wooden spoon to be thrown at them if they disobeyed. They often asked you for help, or offered to help you around the house, and although it shocked you at first, they were very affectionate towards you, hugging you and kissing your cheek, which often made Suho mad.

“No… Let’s go back to sleep. Let’s stay in bed.” He grumbled, as he pulled you closer to him.

“Suho… Baby… we have to go make breakfast for the kids.”  You told him, pushing him lightly off you as you tried to sit up on the bed. He smiled at your words, finding it hilarious how you called his friends “kids” although all of them were much taller and stronger than you. You really had taken a motherly role, and he loved it. He pretended to complain, but let you get up anyway, getting dressed, and following you down to the kitchen, where some of the other wolf boys waited.

“NOONA!!” Tao cried the moment he saw you walking down the stairs, as he ran towards you, and wrapped his arms around you. You smiled, loving the name he had given you.

“What’s wrong Tao?” You asked him, noticing his panicky tone.

“Sehun is being mean to me again! He keeps talking about the legend of the forest’s spirit” The tall boy whined, gripping you tightly. You heard the youngest boy in the group burst into laughter behind him, an amused expression plastered on his face.

“SEHUN! BE NICE TO TAO DAMMIT! WHY DO YOU TELL HIM THESE THINGS WHEN YOU KNOW THEY UPSET HIM! SERIOUSLY!” You yelled at the tall lanky boy, who so clearly resembled a noodle, who panicked for a moment, as he estimated the distance between you and any of the kitchen supplies.

“I’m sorry Noona…” Sehun apologized half-heartedly, as he pulled a face at Tao.

“You should be apologizing to Tao, not me. Now Tao, you are a wolf boy, you shouldn’t be scared of ghosts! Come with me, would pancakes make you feel better? Want me to make pancakes for breakfast?” You asked the tall boy, who nodded eagerly, grinning like a child on Christmas Morning. Suho growled under his breath, clearly not happy about the physical contact between you and his friend.

“You are the best Noona!!” Tao exclaimed holding your hand, which Suho was staring at so intensely, it almost felt like it would burn.

You made pancakes for all of the boys, who wolfed them down so quickly you would have believed they were never there in the first place. They all stared at you adoringly as you kept making more and more pancakes, glad to finally have someone to look after them again.

Suddenly, Suho and Kris stood up, their eyes turning bright yellow, and loud, aggressive growls rumbling in their chests. You noticed the rest of the guys sniffing the air, their pupils dilating, and bodies tensing. You couldn’t understand what was going on, but you could sense the tension in the air, so thick you could have cut it with a knife. You looked at your boyfriend, scared, with eyes wide, silently asking him for answers.

“They’re back.” Kris growled, as he stared out the window. You followed his gaze, and although they were too far away to see them fully, you could safely assume you were looking at some very large wolves stalking around the fields around the house, close to where Suho had told you their plot of land ended. You looked back at Suho, with fear plastered all over your features.

“What are we going to do?” Asked Yixing, his voice barely recognizable. You noticed his canine teeth enlarging in his mouth, and you began to realize something was seriously wrong.

“They are leaving, but they got awfully close. They are testing us, testing our boundaries, to see how far we will let them go.” Kris replied, his eyes returning to their usual color as he watched the retreating wolves’ figures disappearing into the distance.

“Then what are we waiting for?! We need to get out there and show them who is in charge here!” roared Kai, his pupils so dilated all you could see was a thin ring of yellow surrounding it.

“We can’t act now. We need a strategy. But they are up to something, and it’s not going to be good. We need to be very careful. I don’t like this.” Suho replied, his eyes too turning back to normal, before he looked at your confused and terrorized face.

“Guys, keep watch, I think it’s time I tell Y/N what is going on… I’ll be right back. Kris, come with me. Xiumin, Luhan, keep watch, but be careful, we don’t know how many there are this time.” Suho stated, pointing the men in the direction on the window, before he and Kris walked with you back into the livingroom. You noticed Lay give you a sad smile, as if he really wished from the deepest part of his heart; you didn’t have to hear about it all.

It was just as you sat down on the couch, with two large wolf guys standing above you, with their arms crossed and their faces stuck on a somber expression, that you knew the happiness bubble you had been living in, was about to pop.

Sipping lemonade, lying on freshly cut grass in the dappled sunlight. the empty feeling in the streets of your neighbourhood as you stroll down them hand in hand with her, alone together. watching the sunrise from her rooftop, head resting on shoulders and wearing eachothers’ clothes as you feel the first rays of sunlight hit your face. her hair is softened and salty from swimming in the ocean. rubbing sunscreen on her bare shoulders. going to parks and playgrounds and sitting on the swings talking until the glaring heat is replaced by starlight. denim jackets, floaty skirts and sunglasses. endless summers filled with love and sun and her.