ray x brad

  • brad: shut up ray
  • brad: [graphic accusations of inbreeding in the person family]
  • brad: i think it's time for you to shut the fuck up ray
  • brad: ray you're so fucking gross why can't you be more like trombley
  • brad: [enormous rant about ray being trash]
  • pappy: heh what would the navy psychiatrists make of ray pers-
  • brad: maY I REMIND YOU

Some times in a fandom you stumble or in my case fall head first into a rare pair that is so rare that no one cares if it exists , but something about them makes your heart beat a little faster and your fingers itch to type many many stories for them ..they are not the One pair every one wants they are not the Hot pair that everyone wants to read about , but they are the ones that you love …Damn it write about them love them like there is no tomorrow …