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note: since these all relate to the same thing… I’m answering them in one message

Dear (cowardly) Anons (they look to be two different people),

This will be the only time I will approach this subject matter and the idiotic, negative and derogatory comments and messages I have been getting concerning this. I’ve tried to ignore them, but I can no longer do this because I feel it is getting out of hand. 

First Off - In my posts I have tagged Ray Galletti twice, maybe three times because they ALL had something to with WayHaught. If he’s wearing that WayHaught snap back and says something supportive? If Ray is in a photo that has anything to do with WayHaught. You bet your ass I’m going to tag him in it and you bet your ass you’ll see them pass by unless you block me. 

Secondly - Katherine Barrell is a 27 year old grown woman who can damn well decide for herself whether or not she wants to date a man who is kind to her, who respects her, who thinks the world of her, and is someone who calls her his Queen [x]. He calls himself a lucky man, he calls her beautiful. 

Kat is HAPPY with Ray. You can see it in every picture they’re in together or the love comes through in pictures that she has taken of him. You can tell that he’s a great dude (one of few) and he is loved by the rest of the cast. 

And you know what… that’s ALL that should really matter to any of us. The fact that Kat is HAPPY with him.

Ray has been nothing but kind, respectful and supportive towards us Earpers and WayHaught fans and we should give him the same kindness, respect and support back.


TWICE Signal AU | By @jeanchevaljean and @aestaeticpotato

Enhanced Strength - Chou Tzuyu
Telekinesis - Son Chaeyoung
Enhanced Speed - Hirai Momo
X-Ray Vision - Park Jihyo
Temporal Rewind - Im Nayeon
Invisibility - Minatozaki Sana
Time Freeze - Yoo Jeongyeon 
Hypnosis - Myoui Mina 
Self Duplication - Kim Dahyun 

Soulmate AU

So what If like there’s a soulmate au and when you meet your soulmate you just know. Like time freezes and all you see is your soulmate.

Ryan is the vagabond. He is know for killing ruthlessly and with no remorse. He’s tortured, kidnapped, and buried people alive. He is the most well known criminal in los santos. Or in the whole country tbh. And Ryan was told growing up that someone that evil wouldn’t have a soulmate and that’s part of the reason Ryan is so mad all the time. He constantly sees couples in the streets who look in love and he thinks he will never have that and thus, another murder spree.

But like what if Ray is just starting out in the criminal world as Brownman. He’s a small sniper taking minor jobs to pay his rent for his crappy rundown apartment. Then he gets offered a job for an assassination. If he killed vagabond he would never have to worry about rent or food ever again. So Ray doesn’t think twice about accepting the offer. He tracks down the vagabond and is on the roof opposite of the place Ryan is staying at for the week. Ray sets up the scope quickly and has his shot lined up perfectly looking into the motel window and his shot is aimed right for the back of the vagabonds head. Right before Ray pulls the trigger, the vagabond turns around. Ray sees bright blue and freezes. Nothing else matters except those baby blue eyes.

Ray takes a shaky breath after a minute and moves his head away from his pink sniper. Its like he’s on automatic. He takes apart his sniper and puts it back in its case. He grabs the case and goes down the ladder on the side of the building. He doesn’t know what happened next but all of a sudden he’s standing in front of the vagabonds motel room and knocking on the door.

The door opens slightly with the chain of the lock still attached.

“Wha-” Ryan freezes.

He then just closes the door. Panic ran the Ray. But then he heard the lock being taken out and the door opens again.

The ruthless vagabond is stood frozen and staring at the young Puertorican man at his door.

His bright blue eyes show adoration and look at Ray as if he’s the only person in the world. Because at that time he was.

“Hi.” Ray whispers breathlessly.


“The Dividing Line” - Ray Wilson live // Genesis

Sometimes we believe if we close our eyes
The rain might wash it away
That’s why we stumble and we fall
Not the words that you wanted to hear
Not the things that you wanted to see

“Calling all stations” is surely the most underrated Genesis album. It was an album of a band trying to re-invent itself.
After Genesis lost their second front-man with Phil Collins leaving, they made a bold move to hire young Scottish singer/songwriter Ray Wilson, who had his “15 minutes of fame” with the one-hit wonder “Stiltskin” and their chart-breaker “Inside”.
Funnily enough (and this story is true), when I first heard this song on the radio back in 1994, I instantly had to think about Genesis. I have no clue why. Stiltskin was the epitome of Euro-grunge, and had nothing whatsoever in common with “battleship” Genesis. Maybe it was the underlying drama this song holds, I can’t say. Or maybe it was just the sheer fact that back then my (real) obsession with Genesis started, and so I compared everyone and everything to this band.
Can you imagine my surprise when Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford announced Ray Wilson to be the replacement for Phil Collins?
Well… nobody can replace Phil Collins. Just as nobody can replace Peter Gabriel. Genesis tried a new start. And they failed. In many ways because they tried to *replace* Phil instead of trying something new.
You cannot produce “success” in art. Not in the long run. Success is work, dedication, passion, and persistence. Not giving up. Re-inventing yourself over and over, while keeping the “spirit” alive. And that spirit was there in “Calling all stations”. Sure, CAS is not their strongest album. Anything but. But there are some gems on it. Like “The Dividing Line”. To me it channels the spirit of ABACAB, the probably biggest cut in Genesis’ career. A tight and powerful piece of music that stands in direct opposition to the many (some might call them) over-produced and super-polished records they made before and after. Many fans showed Genesis the cold shoulder after that. But many others realized that what Genesis did there was the exact opposite of what some self-righteous morons accused them of. They did what THEY wanted. And not what people expected them to do. And that is what Genesis always did. Like… seriously… would anyone have guessed that “I can’t dance” would become a hit? Seriously? Come ON! I always had deepest respect for Genesis’ “not giving a shit” attitude, if it comes to music. And their way of making people listen. First by Peter Gabriel’s on stage theatrics. Later by the craziest light-shows you can imagine (Genesis was the first band to use Varilights) and Phil Collins’ unique way of engaging the audience. 
And then… well… then… then came Ray. And never got the chance to develop his own unique way to *be* Genesis. Not with the band. Yet I love the Ray Wilson “era”.
“WHAAAAT?!”, some die-hard Genesis fans scream loudly, “HOW DARE YOU?!”
Funnily enough, even many of the otherwise so strongly opposed “Peter vs. Phil”-dimwits agree: “Calling All Stations” and the 1998 tour was the low-point of Genesis. Some even call it the “death of a band”.
It always amused me to see these “Peter vs. Phil” fan-fights. “Peter Gabriel was Genesis” - yeah… sure… why did he need a band then? Well… he didn’t. And he proved that with his amazing solo career and some of the most phenomenal songs ever written in music history. But what he did by himself was very different to what he did with Genesis. And what Genesis did without him. And what Phil Collins did was also different. And what Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford, Steve Hackett, Anthony Philips… did was different… A band is more than the sum of its parts.
And… just for me to understand: Who the fuck are you to tell a band what to do or not to do? If you like their stuff, buy their music, go to the shows. If you don’t… well… then don’t. Simple.
Genesis tried a new start with the new “part” Ray Wilson. And they failed. So, yes, I agree… the death of band. But not because of Ray.
I saw Ray live twice. And he is different. He is a singer through and through. A storyteller. A calm, and almost introverted person with an amazing voice (surely one of the best voices in rock history), and massive charisma. But he needs space. And he would have needed time. And that is not what he was allowed to have. Because Genesis lost “being Genesis” after the 1998 CAS tour when they (and allegedly it was Mike Rutherford) decided to kill the legacy of “not giving a damn what people want”. THAT was when Genesis sold out. And that is the real shame.
Nevertheless… I love Genesis’ Ray Wilson “era” and the way Ray Wilson still plays and re-interprets the old songs. Because it shows what Genesis could have been: A *living* legend.

And you thought the PPG AU was the only old cartoon-based AU I had

Buckle in kiddos it’s gonna be a wild ride

Finwean devices

So I’ve been looking quite a lot at the various heraldic devices in the Silmarillion, and Fingolfin and Finarfin’s devices have actually caused me quite a bit of puzzlement!

First of all, have a look at Feanor’s device:

It’s essentially what you would expect. Two overlapping eight point stars inside eight subdivisions inside another eight point star, eight flame-like rays…basically lots of stars, fire, and lots of number eight symbolism. This isn’t surprising given the official symbol of his house, it’s collectively agreed that it’s meant to represent him and his seven sons.

But then look at Fingolfin’s!

At first glance, they look practically the same!

Why does he have so much number eight symbolism?! A very similar looking eight rays drawn twice, plus the four stars in each corner. I suppose the latter can be more easily explained – we all know what the Eldar are like with them stars. But still, the two devices bear a very strong resemblance- eight flame rays encircling an eight point symbol.

What’s going on, Nolofinwe??

But it doesn’t end there. Look at Finarfin:

Same thing again! All three essentially share the same structure- eight points encircled by eight points-, just in different dominant colours, and Feanor’s happens to be a little more elaborate. But Feanor is the only one where the content is actually justified and bears some meaning when it comes to his family. The symbol of his entire house is literally an eight point star.

There’s no way that the three devices are just a coincidence, and the latter two do look heavily based on Feanor’s design, which was extremely specific to his own family - he is most certainly its original creator. So I’m fairly sure that his brothers knew exactly what they were doing when they designed their own devices.

The only explanation I can come up with is that the Finfins did this in a deliberate attempt to try to underline their brotherhood with Feanor. In which case, I can only imagine Feanor’s face when he first saw the blatant copyright infringement….