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For The Lost And Brave - Ray Toro

((I might add a background with metallic acrylic when I get home))

Ray Toro is such a beautiful man, I recently sent him an email, not really expecting a response, but he replied not only to simply thank me for contacting him… but he sent me a gorgeous 2 page long email which was so personal and encouraging.

Ray said that this song was inspired by the journey many young people have to go on to accept that they were born a different gender and the gender reassignment process, though it can also be ambiguous for any kind of journey and strive for self acceptance.

He dedicated this song to the late Leela Alcorn, the beautiful young woman who committed suicide after her parents refused to accept her as her true female self… my cousin is about to have her name Legally changed to Zoey now she is in the process of gender reassignment, it’s been a really difficult past few years for her and that has been with the support of the majority of our family and her friends. I cannot imagine how difficult it would be to go through alone or without the support of family and friends.

With the LGBTQ community getting closer to having full equality regardless of sexual orientation it’s saddening that Transgender is still considered a taboo subject.
Though with people such as Caitlyn Jenner and Laura Jane Grace speaking out is making it reach the public eye.
One day we will get equality.
One day nobody will be rejected for who they love or what gender they associate as.

Fro Power.



can you stop scrolling for a bit? and pay respect to the fro manthe man with the plan?
it’s his birthday and it would be nice to greet him on twitter or whatever/where ever else you can.
he’s a really great guy and I don’t know why people not notice  him first and don’t appreciate him.like fucking shit who does that?. Ray is like the genius in MCR. A motherfucking Mastermind yknow. here lemme tell you a story….

A long time ago Ray Toro was born..
he was so perfect with his afro
everyone died. xD 

P.S. please appreciate him more even if yknow….the idea..what happened and stuff… yeah..