ray tango

  • brad: shut up ray
  • brad: [graphic accusations of inbreeding in the person family]
  • brad: i think it's time for you to shut the fuck up ray
  • brad: ray you're so fucking gross why can't you be more like trombley
  • brad: [enormous rant about ray being trash]
  • pappy: heh what would the navy psychiatrists make of ray pers-
  • brad: maY I REMIND YOU
My omgcp sons
  • Jack: lovehearts mc booty
  • Bitty: the only reason all of them survive
  • Shitty: actually 2cool4skool
  • Ransom: a corral reef
  • Holster: blind beefcake
  • Nursey : an embarassment to the family
  • Dex: angry and uncontrollably gay
  • Chowder: pure ray of sunshine
  • Tango: must be protected
  • Whiskey: pls talk
  • Foxtrot: gone but not forgotten
  • Johnson: faceless son
  • Tater: a lovely russian potato
  • Snowy: crass bitch face
  • Kent: sparkling trash
  • Bob: dadson and saviour
New Justice League Report!!!

Several news items about the upcoming Justice League movie came out today on sites like Ain’t It Cool News and Dark Horizons. Here’s a summary of the coolest points from FIJMU!

  1. There will only be one Justice League movie, not a two parter as previously reported.
  2. The film will be over 3 hours long, not including the expected 20 minute end credits and the recently announced intermissions.
  3. Some of the special effects will be accomplished “digitally” using computer animation and compositing, like in Tron.
  4. The film will be narrated by Morgan Freeman.
  5. Batman will have several new transports beyond the Batmobile, such as a new Batcopter, a Batjetski, and a Batunicycle.
  6. Beyond the Justice League itself, other DC heroes will appear including Green Lantern, Ghost Rider, Joan of Arc, and Jesus.
  7. Steppenwolf has been confirmed for both the villain and the soundtrack.
  8. The film is being shot on the new Panasonic HC-X 1925b UHD/HDR 800 LG EG9600-Alexa Scarlett Dragon 65mm IMAX HFR 3D+5.1/XLR Pentax K-1000 Pan-Am Monosodium Glutamate 12-Ü, a camera with almost half the resolution of a 35mm frame.
  9. The film will be rated R, according to DC executives- “It’s time we take comics back from the kids. For too long comics have been enjoyed by children as well as adults and this is wrong. From here on out, superheroes will only be appreciated by people over the age of 21, like alcohol and car rental.
  10. The film will be so dark in photography that audiences will be given nightvision goggles to see it.
  11. The “butter” scene has been deleted and saved for Blu-ray.