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Immortal FAHC headcannons

Each member of the team is immortal, but it goes beyond that. Their immortality is just a secondary bonus compared to the main power they got when they respawned the first time. Each one is different.

Geoff –
He can turn any liquid into alcohol. Hand him a coke, he’s drinking whiskey. Orange juice turns into moonshine. It’s cool to watch, because it swirls without being stirred, then is suddenly perfectly clear. But it’s more than just drinking though. He’s turned water bottles into a Molotov cocktail. Ever try to run a truck when it’s only Everclear in the tank? It doesn’t work well.

But there is a dark secret to this power, and he only does it when he is pissed off. He can turn the bloodstream into alcohol as well. It kills quickly, not instantly, but quickly and it’s painful. It’s even more painful if Geoff decides to set them on fire. And he can do it not only with blood, but with any human fluid. Snot, piss, spit, tears, all of it.

He doesn’t let himself torture people anymore.

Jack –
Jack shapeshifts. She can turn into any animal that she’s seen (and she spent a decade on safaris just to expand her horizons). She can also change her human form, but she only has two shapes for some reason, her cute red-headed female form and a large male form with an impressive beard. She likes her bearded form for driving to heists and when the boys get into the car, she’s back to her female form, tearing down the roads like a crazy person.

She has also spent entire days curled up in a sunbeam as a ginger Mancoon cat. She has sat in Ryan’s lap as a dog. She enjoy spending time in various animal forms in the apartment, just to surprise or comfort her boys.

She also tore an entire rival gang apart as a bear because Michael bet her $1000 she couldn’t. She hasn’t done it again and doesn’t talk about it much, mainly because that bestial rage is a little more addicting than she wants to think about.

Gavin –
Gavin spent the first fifty years of his immortality thinking he didn’t have a power. He thought he was broken. Then the industrial revolution happened, and suddenly it all made sense. Gavin’s power was with machinery and technology.

He can make anything work. Computers are like an extension of himself, and they do his bidding. He spends hours in front of a screen every day, perfecting and playing, hacking into things that he shouldn’t. He’s coaxed information out of the most secure databases on the planet.

For some reason, it doesn’t extend to video games. Michael and Ray beat him on a daily basis without trying. Gavin just cannot convince games to do what he wants, and he always loses.

Ray –
Ray doesn’t miss. It’s physically impossible for him to miss now. It doesn’t matter what he’s got, once a projectile leaves his hand, it hits what he’s aiming at. Even if he isn’t really aiming, it’ll hit the target. He can’t miss.

He wins extra cash off of dart games when he’s running low. He wins carnival games when the guys drag him out to them. He always ends up getting banned at some point in the evening. He likes making random bets with Gavin, mainly because he knows he’ll win.

“Bet you I can hit the dumpster on the other side of the building.” And ping, somehow ricocheting off three buildings, a car and a freaking phone line, the bullet goes straight through the dumpster.

Jeremy –
He shrinks. It’s part of the reason why he’s an infiltration expert. He can shrink down to any size he wants and can go anywhere. He used to hate it, used to hate the fact that he was smaller than everyone else, but he finally came to just accept it.

It’s when he joins the Fakes, and Michael jokingly yells “Lil’ J!” as he shrinks down to get on the other side of a door, that Jeremy starts actually liking his ability. Every team name is a short joke, and he goes along with it, finding the humor in it.

He keeps getting dragged into stupid pranks too. He’s lost count of how many times he’s been asked to shrink down and infiltrate Gavin’s room jut to move everything three inches to the left.

Ryan –

There is reason behind the mask and the face paint. He started wearing something like it a long time ago, when he finally realized what his power was. He is ridiculously charming. He can convince anyone to day anything with a just a wink and a smile. He’s conned people out of their livelihoods before, just to see if he could do it. He was a real vagabond for a very long time, knowing that he could always get food with just a grin.

There are people who are naturally immune to it though. Geoff proved to be one, as did Jack, much to Ryan’s relief. It was part of the reason why Ryan decided to join the Fakes. Being exposed to it for a while can also help build up an immunity too, though it fades if Ryan’s gone for a while. That’s why Ryan was one of the Lad’s favorite people in the beginning.

Michael –
He is naturally angry, always has been, and that anger translates into his power. He gets stronger the angrier he is, almost like the Hulk. It’s a gradual thing, where he starts off small and happy, but as he gets more and more pissed, he starts to be able to throw things that’s beyond human comprehension.

It goes further than that too. He also becomes impervious to damage the angrier he gets. Not particularly useful one would think since he’s already immortal, but it’s gotten him out of hot water before. Pissed off and swinging a shotgun like a sword, he’s been shot at with a minigun and shrugged it off like it wasn’t even a bee sting. He’s gotten high on rage and walked through a mine field just to see if he was in one piece on the other side. He was.

He has to be careful in the apartment though. He once got angry at a video game and threw a controller at a television. The controller went through the Tv, the wall, and shot off into the sky where it hit a passing helicopter. It went straight through the cockpit, killing the pilot instantly. The helicopter crashed in the middle of the interstate, causing one of the worst pile-ups Los Santos had ever seen.

Geoff screamed himself hoarse over the television.

The Vagabond's Children

With the Princess headcanon, my world has slightly expanded. So please let me share with you the rest

(If you ever wanna talk about head cannons, please contact me. I don’t ship, FYI, but I love to talk about it.)

Anyways, after Ray left, Jeremy got promoted up. And in the event, Ryan took him under his wing. Jeremy was ecstatic. He looked up to the Vagabond and this was a dream come true.

A year passes, and Jeremy is happy. He has Ryan’s respect and they are officially Battle Buddies. The two of them are gaining their own rep by their skill. Jeremy loves it.

Then Meg enters the picture.

She basically stumbles into the FAHC, dating Gavin without realizing who he was. To be fair, Gav didn’t know he was dating an assassin trained by the Vagabond. He thought she was a shop girl. She was lying low after a bad job, and they met. Now they’ve been kidnapped, amusingly because of her. Gavin was confused, but he had already sent an SOS to Geoff, who grabbed Michael and Ryan and went to get his boy.

The kidnappers put down, Meg immediately attaches herself to Ryan’s arm. She’s giggling and he’s just rolling his eyes and leading her away. They mesh perfectly, as if they were never separated. Geoff recognizes the relationship, it’s similar to him and Gavin, and offers the Doll with a Gun a place on their team. She accepts.

Jeremy is not happy.

It’s not the fact that she’s a killer, a good one at that. It’s the fact that she takes all Ryan’s attention. Suddenly, Ryan doesn’t have the time to play Halo with him, or look at knives. He’s spending all his time with Meg. It pisses Jeremy off.

Jack notices, and mentions it to Geoff. The man is a good man, but he’s also a ridiculously interfering prick. So he sends Ryan, Meg, and Jeremy off on a mission together.

They are both not happy, because the jealousy runs both ways. Ryan is aware, but he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Two nights into the job, Meg wakes up and wanders into the living room of the apartment they’re renting for this job. She screams and wakes both men up, who come rushing in armed in their pjs.

Sitting on the couch is a little Puerto Rican shit, sipping on a Capri Sun and playing Pokemon.

Apprently, Michael called Ray, laughing about the whole mess. So Ray, decides that since he’s the original Ryan’s kid, he wants in. So he shows up, much to Ryan’s chagrin.

When they come back to the penthouse, cash in hand, the kids are all laughing, and Ryan is annoyed. It takes five minutes to realize why.

The kids have decided that Ryan is now officially their Dad, and each have their own title for him.

Ray calls him “Papa”

Meg calls him “Daddy”

And Jeremy just goes “Pop”

somewhere in the weekend, they’ve realized that they make better friends than enemies. And when Ryan gets taken down, the three unleash a revenge that will be whispered in fear for years and years.

They are the Vagabond’s children.

Fake AH Crew: X-Ray’s Origins

A continuation of my Fake AH Crew AU: Orphan Brigade

It took them almost a week to notice that Ray couldn’t actually see anything. Without his memory, Ray had no idea what the world looked like when it was in focus, he simply assumed that everyone saw the same way that he did. They hadn’t realised that the boy was practically blind until Ryan had bought their new x-box and Ray had to input his name to make his profile.

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So I was thinking about Immortal!Fake AH Crew, and how many times they die just in the set up phases. There’s NO way that all of there shenanigans when they’re getting fire trucks and cargobobs and shit go unnoticed by LSPD, so I imagine the police department going fucking MENTAL trying to lock everything down and prep for the upcoming Heist. And somehow, they STILL get away with it, and the Chief of Police is just BAFFLED because how in the hell do they do that?????

Kings AU.... Help

Ashley and Meg are two princesses of a small kingdom. Their father, the king, has signed them off to marry two kings of neighboring kingdoms.

Ashley is to be married to King Burns, more commonly known as the “The Rooster King”. He rules a rich kingdom with his advisor, Lord Gus, and his two great warriors of renown, The Golden Knight Joel and the Quiet Knight Matt.

Meg is to be married to the Mad King Ryan, in an attempt to make peace with his nation. The Mad King is known for gaining his crown by killing them previous King. He is rein owned as being a cruel and vicious King, but his Kingdom prospers. His advisor is credited with that, one Lord Jeremy Of house Dooley. Ryan is a fierce warrior himself, but generally has his knight, Sir Ray, the Knight of Roses.

The best part of this is that the idea started out as Turnwood trash, but the world can be so expansive. Like Geoff is a king of another nearby kingdom, where he rules with his advisor, the Architect Jack and his knights Sir Michael “Mogar” of the house Jones and the Trickster Knight Sir Gavin. Gavin is also the adopted son of Geoff. Lindsay is the General of Geoff’s armies,despite the belief that women are not stupid to fight, let alone lead. She earned the King’s respect when she challenged Mogar to single combat and won. She also earned herself an admirer and later a husband. Kdin is the Kings spymaster, reporting directly to Jack.

Ryan has earned his reputation for killing the precious King, and has never lifted the law. His people whisper that he is mad and cruel, but still they prosper greatly under his reign. Everyone credits this to Jeremy, which the king allows, believe that it is better to be feared. But Jeremy knows the truth, has watched Ryan care for children and animals, made sure that orphanages are well funded and checked on. Any one found harming a child is punished as though they were a traitor to the crown. Jeremy has seen Ryan spend an entire afternoon listening to a grandmother’s complaints.

Ray is the Knight of Roses, and is considered the Kings guardian. In reality, he is the Kings peace, keeping Ryan amused and calm with muttered comments and smart ass quips. Ryan has a temper, and when provoked, has no qualms about murder. Ray keeps the peace, and when needed, will carry out the Kings justice.

Their architect is Matt. Trevor is Jeremy’s guard and sometimes assistant, not Jeremy needs a guard. The Kings champion, the one that Ryan sends to administer justice is believed to be Sir Tyler of the House Coe, but in reality, it is Marial. Tyler is just her travel companion, and battle buddy.

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  • Band of Brothers
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Fake AH Crew: We Don’t Need No Education
A continuation of my Fake AH Crew AU: Orphan Brigade

After Jacks insistence that the boys needed some kind of formal education, Geoff took it upon himself to get his lads into a school (despite the boy’s complaints on the matter). Ryan forged birth certificates for the trio, all of which claimed that Geoff was the biological father. The certificates stated that the boys had different mothers to accommodate for the different skin tones and Gavin being so obviously British, this made the boys fake half-brothers. Geoff inspected the forged documents with a fond smile. As far as anyone knew, the boys were now officially his sons.

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After 14 hours of work, I present to you “The Most Epic Team Lads High Five Ever” featuring Molten Man (Michael), X-Ray and Vav.
Note: I didn’t notice until I was halfway finished that I used the same colors as the PowerPuff Girls for Team Lads. Well shit.
This a is a picture I got requested to do, but can’t remember who it was. If you are the person this is for, message me and I’ll be sure to properly adress you.
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