On this fine day, Gavin has gifted us with some old school nostalgia 

“Think I was talking recently on Off Topic about how I recorded us doing all the original lets play intros that used to play at the beginning of our videos. I found them in the old vault from 2013. They weren’t all winners.

You know what’s amazing? I’ve been a fan of Achievement Hunter since 2012.

And in that time i’ve seen Geoff, Jack and Michael, followed by Gavin and Ray, and then with Ryan grow from that tiny room to the huge ensemble team they have now with Jeremy, Matt, Lindsay, Trevor, Mica, Alfredo and the entire editing team to boot.

Its been amazing to see these guys grow up, get married and have children all within the space of 6 years. I’ve seen great AH memes and sayings born, the iconic team names be created. From GTA IV to GTA V, Xbox 360 right to Virtual Reality headsets. And from one small room of 6 guys to the huge interconnected Let’s Play family that has been established alongside Funhaus, Cow Chop, Screwattack, Game Attack and more. Its a constant joy to see these guys have the time of their lives and i cannot be more thankful for what they have brought me, especially in my most inward moments and in times of sickness.

Godspeed Achievement Hunter.