ray motherfucking toro


lol no its another face synopsis

this is dedicated to @chatterbox-21 , thanks for the amazing pic. 

Lets start with the queen himself, Gerard Way

Gerard is looking as flamboyant as usual, with his out turned hair, i don’t give a fuck facial expression and the weird ass suede jacket he is wearing. His blonde hair is literally whiter than he is.

Now for the human jawline that is, Moikee Wayyyyy

So Mikey looks like a pissed off little brother, because Gerard is sitting in the front seat even though he called shotgun. He is sitting in this strange slumped position, i don’t even know what is going on with his legs. And the boots have more buckles than all the goddamn studded belts he owns. 

Then there is Frank

Now frank kinda looks like a mix between someone going for their job and like the reason i want this job is because i am very passionate at flipping burgers, and an emo teen girl. Also, why is he sitting like that? Why would anyone sit like that. It looks nearly as awkward as he does in this photo. 

The theres Ray

All the other guys are like yes we are so cool leaning on rocks and shit, and then ray is like “GUYS!!! HAVE YOU SEEN THIS TREE. WE NEED TO BE REBORN, GET BACK TO BEING ONE WITH NATURE!” and everyone else is just ignoring him. 

That’s is the end of that because there is no bob (rip). If you want a dedicated face synopsis of any band, just send me a pic and yeah i’ll do one for you.