ray molina


Mr. Lucius Needful: Okay! That’s it: we just got bought by Google!

Summer Smith: I’m so proud of you, Lucius.  So, how much did we make?

Needful: Ah ha, “We.”  This is MY business!  Security!    

Summer: Uh, you’re Zuckerberging me?!

Needful: I was Zuckerberging people before Zuckerberg’s balls dropped!  I’m The Devil, Biotch!  What! What!

-”Rick and Morty”

Snob Theater returns to Luna's in Sacramento

We are delighted to be presenting Snob Theater once more at the splendid Luna’s Cafe in Sacramento and we hope that you come and support our show on May 16th.

The line-up for this Snob Theater is very dear to us; Ray Molina, Clare O’Kane (Bridgetown Comedy Festival), Roman Leo, and Mike Spiegelman (SF Skecthfest). In addition we are lucky to have repeat musical guest Rin Tin Tiger charm the Sac-Town stage.

Keep in mind this show will start at 8PM at Luna’s Cafe at 1414 16th Street, Sacramento, CA.