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am i the only one that was disappointed at the lack of rafael/eddie interaction?

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I am annoyed that they brought back Kirk Acevedo as a new character (a generic cop named Ray Lopez) instead of giving us our beloved Eddie.

I understand that SVU recycles actors, but come on, we all remember Eddie! Not enough time has passed to reuse Kirk in a different role!

And even though I knew the chance of us seeing Eddie again (Continuation of Barba’s storyline? What’s that?) was slim to none, it’s still kinda sad that that opportunity is now completely gone.

2001 Playlist
  1. Ja Rule/Ashanti - Always On Time
  2. Destiny’s Child - Bootylicious
  3. Destiny’s Child - Bootylicious Remix
  4. City High - Caramel
  5. P.Diddy - Diddy
  6. Missy Elliott - Get Ur Freak On
  7. Britney Spears - Ima Slave 4 U
  8. Jennifer Lopez - I’m Real
  9. Jennifer Lopez/Ja Rule - I’m Real [Murder Inc. Remix]
  10. Eve/Gwen Stefani - Let Me Blow Ya Mind
  11. 3LW - No More
  12. 3LW - Playas Gon Play
  13. Lil Bow Wow - Puppy Love
  14. Nelly - Ride Wit Me
  15. Trick Daddy/Slip N Slide - Take It To The House
  16. Dream - This Is Me (Bad Boy Remix)
  17. Usher - U Got It Bad
  18. Usher - U Remind Me
  19. Ray J/Lil Kim - Wait A Minute
  20. Jagged Edge - Where The Party At

My top songs from 2001. Feel free to reblog and add your fave songs from this year. 


Because a definitive mullet ranking was something the world needed, obviously.

(created in collaboration with @supremepsychogoddess )

1. Billy Ray Cyrus

The curator of the mullet. There will never be another. This mullet is first in our achy breaky hearts.

2. Alexander Hamilton

Founding mullet father Alexander Hamilton knew the meaning of “business in the front, party in the back” long before its time.

3. Blake Shelton

Before he was crooning country ballads and judging up-and-coming singers on the Voice, he was up-and-coming in the mullet world.

4. Keith Kogane (Voltron: Defender of the Universe)

We know Legendary Defender Keith has a mullet of his own (as Lance reminds us nearly every episode), but the true mullet icon was his 80s predecessor.

5. The White Guy in Your English Comp Class

We don’t know him. But we can guarantee that mullet is solid. Even if there’s a MAGA hat on top of it.

6. Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris once encountered a wild mullet, and he scared it into sticking to his head. Or something like that. We’ve heard a couple stories going around.

7. David Bowie

We weren’t so sure about putting Bowie on this list, because he’s a celestial being that transcends space and time, but we’ve gotta admit if anyone could make a mullet look classy, it was Bowie.

8. Ben Franklin

Another iconic mullet in history, but not quite up to A-Ham’s level. Regardless, it’s a valiant effort.

9. Ellen DeGeneres

A female mullet pioneer. We salute you, Ellen, for your time of bravery.

10. Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez was his cutest in his mullet era. Don’t try to argue.

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Desiree had posted a video up a few hours ago of her moving into her new apartment on Instagram then deletedit. Roc outside and there are apartment buildings behind him and a huge U-Haul truck. This can mean only 1 thing. Lmao nigga celebrating that she finally out his house by dancing 😂😂😂