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So guys i just hit my first 1000 followers! Im like so happy beyond words. I never thought this blog (being a side blog) would get this much attention aahhhhh im so grateful to everyone who follows me, spams me, messages me, tags me in things jfdnksfjd it truly makes me happy to be a monbebe and to interact with others as well :)))) i listed the blogs i love, so if you’re mentioned I LOVE YOU!

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“No matter where she goes or who she knows/
She still belongs in my bed”

Yep. Let’s ignore the ear-to-ear smuggy slander evasion and first-class douchebaggery of writing a song about taking Kim Kardashian’s virginity, let’s ignore that I have no love for the saga of KK’s love life anyway, and let’s think about how this lyric is actually pretty timeless?
Ray J probably didn’t intend it, but it’s a cool reminder that it’s an extremely recent thing in civilization to think that a woman doesn’t belong to the first guy she had sex with.

There’s still non-contested bride-napping in rural parts of Kyrgyzstan and Georgia, and there’s the mentality. Sort of? Isn’t that what he’s saying, conquer and own? HYPER HYMEN CONTRACTS? RAP TAP SAP? FEMINIST MANIFESTO SPURRED FROM RAY J’S ILL-CONCEIVED STUNT. 

In Tess of the d'Urbervilles, Tess is seduced/raped by her cousin Alec (it’s purposefully unclear which, but either way she was hella victimized). Everything sucks for her until she falls in love and marries this SEEMINGLY nice and forward-thinking guy named Angel. Everything’s great until she tells him she’s not a virgin, and he does a total 180 and rejects her. It’s society, it’s the late 1800s! He tells her she may be his by law, but she’s actually married to Alec. He leaves her, and she’s forced to become the mistress of the cousin who raped her. Angel eventually comes back, and realizes he was a dick, but too late. By that point everything is fucked and these two guys have ruined the life of a really awesome girl because sex. 

I mean, keeping shit in perspective, Kim Kardashian isn’t awesome and she is going to be alright. But this is humiliating and sad and funny all the same. It’s just weird that it says it we’ve evolved, maybe.
I lol'ed, then I manifesto'ed.


This guy is sooo full of shit, but it’s hilarious how he is trying to convince everyone that it isn’t about kim when it obviously is.

#RayJ #newsingle - i hit it first @KimKardashian wonder if @KanyeWest is pissed?

 Ray J just dished out the dirt on Kim Dash, lol, all i had to say was “ lmao ”.              

Ray J’s controversial single “I Hit First It” dropped two hours ago, and there’s no doubt that people will be talking about this stunt for a minute. Just a day after Ray J owned the Internet with the song’s pixelated artwork, we’re able to hear the record, which is as deliberate as the title led everyone to believe it’d be. For example, the chorus goes: “She might move on to rappers and ball players, but we all know I hit it first.” It’s that literal.

Now that the track’s out, one can only wonder how much of a circus the music video is going to be. Lookalikes, bitterness, and desperation are all sure to be present elements in the clip. Of course, we won’t know exactly how the visual turns out for at least a little while, but we can speculate.

Overlooked R&B songs of the past few years

A reworking of R. Kelly’s “She Got that Vibe”. This gives me baby Usher vibes. He got a record contract the same way August Alsina did and at around the same time. He is a better singer and performer than Alsina but B Smyth is signed to YMCMB which means his career has been on the back burner. Either way this song is dope.

Zendaya, Bobby Brackins, and Jeremih- “My Jam”

Despite being an industry plant Zendaya actually has a nice voice and could easily join the likes of Tinashe and FKA twigs in the new age cloud R&B. Bobby Brackins has been quietly the biggest songwriters in the game. A lot of people won’t give him credit because of the meme hit with Ray J called, “I Hit it First”. Plus Jeremih is on the song and hes been lowkey as prolific on the Radio as Drake these days.

Rico Love- “Somebody Else”

Haven’t heard a great break up song in so long. The best combination of Pop and R&B since Beyonce’s “XO”. I was a bit on the fence about Rico Love because of his rapping but dude is a great songwriter and could possibly be the next Dream at least.

Eric Bellinger- “Focused on You”

I’m gonna need more R&B singers to sample classic Hip Hop records. Eric Bellinger has been quietly putting out some great projects. I’ve never heard a party R&B record sample Nas of all people before and it works here. Plus Mya is in this video like she not 36 in all her thick glory.

Jamie Foxx, Chris Brown

Jamie Foxx makes what I call, “Old Nigga in the club albums” like its filled with party records he is too old to be singing but…..there are some legit slow jams on them thangs. The ‘Unpredictable’ Jamie Foxx lowkey a classic. But I think he found the right combination of Club banger and slow jam on this. Its a lot of fun and me and my co-workers always sing this at work.