ray gillette

Archer's childhood

*Was raised by woodhouse until five years old

*he would have night mares and instead of comforting him, his mother would laugh at him along with her current lover

*was in boarding schools for 15 years. 6 different schools.

*had no friends growing up.

*his mother made him believe his father was a military hero who passed away

*his mother would make him gamble for his halloween candy then proceeded to allow him to drink alcohol

*was horribly bullied to the point he was unable to play lacrosse one year because of pneumonia from a vicious swirlie, remembering how one of the bullies threaten to kill him before busting his nose

*his mother showed her dog more love than she ever did him, even going as far as to give him the code name Douchess after her pet

*when he turned six his mother wasn’t around to celebrate it and woodhouse was passed out from using heroin

*got shot at 18 which took away his college scholarship

I’m sure I missed something

This is easily one of the best scenes in Archer.

It, (1)shows the truly messed up nature of people, (2) Shows how it seems a lot of rich people think they can get away with saying or doing whatever they want and (3) Shows the real friendship that all these people have. They are assholes towards each other basically 24/7, but they WILL NOT tolerate anyone fucking with them in any way, shape, form or fashion. Ray stand’s up for pam when this rich asshole makes Pam cry and Archer throws a bottle staring the brawl because said rich asshole refused to apologize and played all of them.

They may act like they hate each other on the surface, but they really do care about each other.