ray bradbury theater



I’m starting in on my backlog of Paul Gross DVD watching, and this gem, I’m surprised to find, has never ever shown up in my online cap searches. This is an episode of the long-running Ray Bradbury Theater, in which Paul plays Skip (Skip. Seriously? I can’t with Americans sometimes), the brother of an astronaut who was killed in a house fire years before - and who appears to be now, along with an entire American Midwestern town and the relatives of two other astronauts, on the surface of Mars. It’s just 23 minutes long but Paul’s adorkableness is not to be missed :3


I welcome you to the Ray Bradbury theater production of “The Wind”. A fun little mini story and probably my favorite, I welcome you to pull up a chair, maybe pour yourself some coffee, tea or whatever have you to your liking. It’s a bit of a long story but enjoyable. I hope you all enjoy.