beccadex  asked:

Merry Christmas N. - holds mistletoe above her head - do i get a kiss this year, i promise ive been good?

Dearest rawwrbecca,

Thank you! ♥ Festive holidays to you as well…but why are you holding that plant over your head? It is not raining…and it if were, the plant would not help…I suggest you seek shelter under a large tree at such times.

…And I can’t…! I have no desire to procreate right now! I’m sorry! /flustered

Hey guys!! My birthday is coming up and as I previously mentioned, I am selling this Marvel Bikini set! It is a great digital photo set, 40 high quality photos for $20. I’m trying to save up to get a new gaming rig, so any support would be greatly appreciated. If I can get this I should be able to do some live streaming  I accept payments through Paypal, [my email is rawwrbecca@gmail.com] and if you have any questions just shoot me a message!