That post-run bliss of the warm Sun 🌞

Got myself a new running belt as I always have to carry a small water bottle and A PHONE because a girl can’t go running without one in this crazy world, too many dangers, like literally. It’s your choice in the end of the day but I don’t want to risk my life so I always take it with me.

So I upgraded for a lighter belt (not in the picture) in the hopes of making my runs a little bit easier and more comfortable.

How do you carry your stuff around? Have any tips? Message me!

“What you eat today has to make your heart beat tomorrow and create new blood, renew your bone marrow, fuel your brain, ease your mind, make your lungs work, support your immune system, heal your skin, keep your digestive system working smoothly, lubricate your joints, repair and rebuild your muscles.. So what will you eat to help it do all that?” Farmer’s market days are the best days. 😛After eating some unhealthy vegan food today, I’m ready to get into this tomorrow👌🏼 The longer I eat like this, the more I only want fruit.🍉🍓🍊🍋🍌Got a box of bananas, three boxes of mangos, a flat of strawbs, five papayas, and 4 liters of sugarcane juice! Still need to get watermelon and greens🌱