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“Can you tell me how you caught your Numel?”

“Oh, that’s a really eventful story. It’s one of those stories I can see being an episode in a TV soap opera. In fact, I’m this close to going to TV Mauville and making a pitch!”

“I can’t wait to hear it!”

“It all started when I was walking around Route 112, looking for a potential addition to my team. I was just about to go to another route when I suddenly heard something crying nearby. I tried following the direction of the sound when, all of a sudden, a Numel came running out of Fiery Path toward me!

"The Numel had her eyes closed, so she was shaken when she bumped into my leg. When she opened her eyes, I could see a lot of emotions on her face when she saw me: fear, desperation, anxiety, and despair. She then stepped back and went into a fetal position, her entire body shaking out of worry. Never have I seen a Pokémon so shaken up, so I knew that I had to do something to calm her down.

"Numel seemed to cower in fear when she realized that the thing she bumped into was a person, so I figured that someone had been treating her badly. Knowing that she wouldn’t trust me easily, I started by offering her a friendly wave and a simple hello. Numel didn’t react to it, so I got a Rawst Berry from my bag and put it on the ground in front of me, telling her in the calmest and most reassuring voice I can make that she can take it.

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asperrusua  asked:

since ALL pokemon can technically eat berries, does that make them ALL omnivores? or is it kind of like cats eating grass? ... or is it just artistic license???

Most obligate carnivore Pokémon do need to eat meat, almost to the point of exclusion of all else. But, much like a cat eating the contents of its prey’s stomach, such predators still require plant material. Berries are another way of getting that, plus some berries actually make the Pokémon feel good (a bit like cats with catnip or dogs eating grass when feeling ill). Simply put, do not panic if you see a Torracat munching a Hondew or a Skarmory pecking at a Rawst berry, but do not attempt to keep either or such diets exclusively, or even primarily.

Here are the Pokemon berries as real fruits. 

Cheri Berry = Cherry Add some Arceus-damned tobasco sauce.

Chesto Berry = Chestnut It’s a chestnut. Dry indeed.

Pecha Berry = Peach I'd recommend nectarines instead. Strawberries… can be an acceptable substitute, if needed.

Rawst Berry = Strawberry Sadly, you cannot force a fruit to be bitter. Unripe strawberries give you a stomach-ache. Try whitebark raspberries for the color.

Aspear Berry = Pear Asian pears. Add citric acid for the ‘sour’. I do not guarantee flavor.

Leppa Berry = Apple For size, try crabapples. Can’t guarantee you wont get the runs, though. ;P

Oran Berry = Blueberry Name says orange, logic says blueberry. More tobasco sauce.

Persim Berry = Persimmon 

Lum Berry = Plum

Sitrus Berry - Citrus fruits in general. 

Razz Berry = Raspberry I don’t know how to make it 'dry flavored’. 


A Long Post About Berries

ladyofthenightshade submitted to poke-planet:

(Warning: Very long post.)

In the Pokemon world, there exist a large number of fruit. Some of that large number of fruit have effects on Pokemon themselves, and are collectively referred to as “Berries”, even though not all of them are technically berries. Some of them are huge and firm and not quite what comes to mind when one thinks of the word “berry”. Others, however, are iconic in the world of Pokemon, such as Oran, Pecha, and Sitrus berries. Here’s some questions novice trainers often have about berries and their effects!

… can I… Can I eat it?

Most berries, being perfectly normal fruit, are edible to humans as well as Pokemon. However, this doesn’t really mean you SHOULD be eating them, as several varieties are rather strongly skewed towards one flavor or another, most of which are considered unpalatable to humans. Case in point, the Tamato berry.

External image

Yeah, that’s a really spicy berry, and it’s advised not to try eating it unless it is first converted into a different form, such as a Pokeblock or a Poffin. Actually, a well-made Pokeblock or Poffin will be just as spicy as the actual berry, if not more so. You know what, never mind.

(However, there was a recent trend in teenage Coordinators in Hoenn trying to swallow spoonfuls of crushed berry powders of varying species, much to the dismay of many adults. The Tamato berry was a popular choice, as were Rawst berries for their bitterness.)

Due to varying taste preferences, different people may have a fondness for different berries. It’s strongly advised to stay away from berries specifically cultivated for the purposes of making Contest foods, though, as they usually have an extremely strong taste. If you’re not sure what you’re doing and still want to eat a berry, it’s advised to stick to commonly recognized and easily identifiable ones until you figure out which is which. Pecha berries are regarded as a treat for the whole family due to their mild and sweet flavor and squishy texture - just make sure not to make too much of a mess!

If a human eats a berry, will they experience the effects of the berry?

Sometimes. It really depends on what situation said human is in. Consuming Oran and Sitrus berries after suffering injury, or using them in a poultice, for example, is linked to faster recovery in some studies. Berries that cure status conditions are concentrated into those store-bought status healers, and although they don’t taste very good, you can still spray them on a person affected by a stray attack to alleviate some of the symptoms. (Feeding an affected Trainer the berry directly is not recommended - several cases have occurred when a paralyzed Trainer was rushed to the ER, choking on a spicy Cheri berry their well-meaning friend tried to feed them.) I say “some” of the symptoms because there is no way putting a Rawst berry on a third-degree burn can heal it in any amount of time. It may help with the pain and scarring, but likely will not do anything to actually solve and heal the problem. Humans just aren’t made out of the same stuff as Pokemon.

With the supereffective resistance berries such as Tanga or Yache berries, their effects really tend to be situation-oriented and seem to focus on undoing damage a Pokemon of the type in question causes. Tanga berries are used in Repels to keep away Bug-types, Kasib berries can ward off an Ghost-type’s chill if one happened to go through you. Other berries aid the human body itself. Payapa berries help with headaches, Chople berries are reported to aid muscle fatigue, etc. And then still others are just sort of a mystery. Haban berries, Roseli berries, and Chilan berries… No one’s really sure what kind of secondary properties these have. Research IS being conducted, though.

Of course, eating any of the aforementioned berries with damage reduction properties directly after being hit with an attack will lessen the pain slightly, but this is no substitute for going to an actual doctor. Cause, y'know, a Moonblast to the face isn’t fun, and you should probably get that checked out.

Berries that raise stats when HP falls to a certain level don’t have any clinically recorded benefits, though diners have remarked that they get a slight buzz from eating them, no one really knows. They’re usually too expensive to eat for fun anyway. You need to have some serious cash for eating any of those stat-boosters due to their high demand in competitive battling circles.

Why can’t I get those stat-altering berries without being stupid rich and knowing the right people?

Because dirty filthy capitalists have a monopoly on the market and only give them to the battling rings that pay top dollar to redistribute them as they see fit. Those battling rings (Battle Frontiers, Battle Maison, and some very shady other places) are rather stingy about them and often don’t even distribute them for BP to the general public. I hear some kids managed to steal their stock, though, and give it to trainers they think are cool.

(A tiny home-run farm in Kalos has a scientist that knows how to grow them, though, and freely shares the hybridization pairs with anyone who wants to learn how to grow them. She’s cool.)

Is there anything I need to start growing berries?

You need a watering can, that’s for sure. Most are sold in the shape of Water-type Pokemon Popular models include the Sprinklotad, Squirtbottle, and Sprayduck. It’s advised to water your berries when the soil is dry, though the precise amount varies. You could get away with just a sprinkling and you’ll do just fine. Unless it’s a squishy berry. Then it’ll end up kinda dry. Might want to pour more just in case.

Some regions have readily available mulch to speed the development of berries. Certain mulches make the berries grow slower but need less water, others will make the berries grow faster but need more. It just depends on your needs at the time.

And patience. A lot of patience. Berries take days or weeks to grow sometimes, and depending where you are, you might have to keep an eye on it while it’s growing.

Hey, that sounds fun! Is there anything I should know about growing berries?

You literally just stick it in the ground and water it, then wait a while. Sometimes you gotta chase away pests. What else is there to know?

I dunno, regional customs or something? Can I grow berries in every region?

Well, yes, unless you’re in Unova. But we’ll get to that in a sec.

Kanto and Johto don’t have many berry plants, with the soil more inclined to grow Apricorns. However, some smart entrepreneur in Johto designed portable planting pots to plant berries, with the soil within already having special mulch to keep the trees at manageable size. Every year or so, it’s advised to pick up more mulch at the Goldenrod City flower shop to make sure your plants continue to stay small. No one wants to carry around a 4 foot tall tree in a pot. Some people find beauty in the tiny plants and take special care of them, pruning them and treating them well. These trees, when tended right, have extreme longevity and can last longer than their owners.

It’s no mistake that the two regions best known for their Contests are those with the most dedicated berry growers. Hoenn’s balmy weather and island location provide a perfect environment for growing berries, and it shows. The berries here tend to be juicier and the amount of cross-pollination can make for some interesting combinations in flavor. Communal plots can be found everywhere, sometimes with one or two berry farmers chatting it up nearby. One of the biggest havens in Hoenn for aspiring growers is the Berry Master’s house. He has a lot of berries which he offers to everyone who passes by. People try to only grow berries in specially marked plots, and once you put it in the ground, there’s no guarantee that you can come back in a week and find the plant ready for harvest. Once you plant it, it’s pretty much fair game to everyone, and you might find it gone when you come back to pick it up. That’s a risk you’ll have to take.

Sinnoh, surprisingly, is full of berry enthusiasts. There’s patches of open soil EVERYWHERE. The berries in this region seem to be well-adjusted to the colder climate, and have a slight cooling and more mild taste than those found in other regions, suggesting genes shared with Yache berries. Advocates of genetically modified berries often point to Sinnoh berries as natural examples of the phenomenon. People are considerably more respectful of who owns which berries in Sinnoh. Generally, if you leave a tag near the plot, people will leave it alone. People make their own and laminate them to protect from the elements, and sometimes ask about the graphics on their cards. You can also track your tags and the progress of your berries with the help of a Poketch application developed by a youth in Floaroma Town. She is considered one of the great minds of this age. A berry plant without a card is basically free parking, though most Sinnoh natives will take one or two of the fruit and leave the rest be. In Hoenn and Sinnoh, there’s often large trash cans near commonly used berry plots to place fallen plants in. The waste is then used as mulch or firewood.

Unova had a bit of a problem with trainers being too careless with their plants and forgetting to pick up the berries once they matured, attracting swarms of wild Pokemon to heavily populated areas. To solve this problem, there’s a pretty well-enforced… Not so much “ban” as “social obligation” not to plant berries willy-nilly around the region. There’s nothing stopping people from giving each other berries, and residents have been creative (importing Berry Pots to grow them on windowsills, and there’s fields in Mistralton City), it’s just widely discouraged to dump berries in open plots. While most residents are aware of the rule and try to tell any travelers “no that’s not a place where you can plant things”, people don’t always listen. And that’s where the other part of this agreement kicks in. As soon as the berries mature, they’re free game. Finders keepers. This has led to an understandable series of petty fights wherein a trainer will jealously guard a stray plant for days while it matures, with squabbles erupting around those boundaries. It gets kind of ridiculous and there’s a lot of finger pointing involved when a Pokemon gets to the berries first. All in good fun.

Kalos has decent enough conditions for growing berries, but due to being a tourist hot spot, suffers from a lot of the same problems as Unova as far as berries go. However, a family-run farm to the south of the region welcomes anyone who’d like to take a stab at keeping a garden. Berry trees tend to grow much bigger in Kalos, towering over the people themselves. The wood harvested from the plants goes to construction projects and, again, firewood. There is a good market for charcoal. Maybe that’s how the family farm gets their income? Anyway, large berry trees also exist around the region, and they’re nearly always laden with fruit. Sure, you could pick them off the ground… But some people have their Pokemon climb the trees and take fruit. Clever. People DO try to cut the trees down, however, someone else usually plants another in its stead shortly after.

Hybridization?? GMOS?????

This doesn’t even sound like “common questions” anymore. Well, it kind of depends on the situation whether or not you can make a cool subspecies of berry or a slightly different than normal berry. (Depending on the circumstances, there may be no difference.) In most parts of the world, Mulch is made with the usual mulch-y things. Plant waste, fertile mud, and so forth. Kalos, however, does things a bit differently and makes Mulch out of actual preexisting berries. It stinks a lot more and is usually impractical to carry around. This Mulch tends to be more fertile and attracts pollinators to only certain pairs of plants (a Cheri and Aspear plant, for example) and mix genes from ONLY those plants, making true hybrids sprout of the original trees’ buds. In fact, it’s widely agreed that this is how the original strains of hybrid berries came about, and it is through these methods that most stat-altering berries are conceived.

Outside of Kalos, people are starting to catch onto the more nutrient-rich mulch they use, but in recent years the term “hybrids” is starting to refer to genetically modified berries. There’s technically nothing wrong with them. It’s just taking properties of certain berries and giving them to other berries in order to grant them environmental advantages. Conveniently, the type-resistance berries are a boon in this developmental field. Crossing plants with Tanga berries can give them a natural pesticide, crossing them with Yache berries can make them more resistant to frost, Passho berries can help them resist overwatering, and so forth.

What about Contest foods? Poffins, Pokeblocks?

Pokeblocks are kind of just like jelly candy. The firm kind of jelly candy that gums up your teeth and actually tastes kind of bland. Pokeblocks do not taste bland, though.

Usually, you make them by crushing berries into a powder, and then heating a mixture of that powder and leftover juice into candy. It’s delicious and very spicy/dry/sweet/bitter/sour and Pokemon love it.

Poffins made in the Poffin house are made from batter (mixed before making the Poffin, the managers of the Poffin house keep it in the fridge) and dumping a berry in it. I think it’s like, the berry juices flavor the Poffin and the berry becomes a soft and squishy center? I don’t know. I’ve never eaten one. But that is what I wish it was like. The batter thickens over time and eventually solidifies into a bread or muffin like concoction, which is then eaten. Maybe not on the spot, though, it’s still very hot. More berries would make the end result thicker and denser, as well as more flavorful and multidimensional.

Contest foods are TECHNICALLY edible for humans too, but as previously stated, it’s not fun to eat due to their strong and sometimes undesirable flavors. Pokemon have more tolerant taste buds than we do, apparently.

You mentioned that berries can be made into powder….

… Alright, some people jumped on the “slight buzz from eating these stat altering berries” idea, and crush them into powder with other herbal medicines and/or berries. Your imagination can take you from there. This is another reason why those berries are not usually commercially available. It’s because drugs.

Drugs are bad, kids. Don’t do them.

But do they really make Pokemon more cool/beautiful/cute/clever/tough?

Only an expert can know for sure how stylish a Pokemon is if it were fed Contest food.

Which is to say, I have no idea.


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  • Ntl. Dex #058
  • Type: Fire
  • Abilities: Intimidate/Flash Fire
  • Height: 2’04”
  • Weight: 41.9 lbs

Growlithe, the Puppy Pokemon, is a quadruped, canine Pokémon. It has a short, rounded muzzle, a small, fluffy tail, a tuft of fur on top of its head, and rounded ears. It has bright orange fur with black stripes over its back and on its forelegs. Its belly, tail, and fluff on top of its head are a cream color. Its nose is shiny black, while the insides of its ears are like brown. Unlike its evolution, Growlithe has two claws on its forepaws, and its paw pads are brown (instead of pink).

Growlithe can spit fire. It has a powerful sense of smell to identify the emotions of others. Upon getting a scent, it will not forget it, no matter what. However, strong, unpleasant smells can disable their sense of smell for short periods.

Extremely loyal, this Pokémon fiercely defends its Trainer and territory.

Growlithe live in active volcanoes, grassy plains, and scorched plains heated by geothermal energy. Its native range includes Kanto and Johto, but it can be found in Sinnoh on some occasions. In captivity, they’re often used as police dogs due to their loyal nature and powerful sense of smell. They’re also seen occasionally as pets.

It is often found with Rawst Berries.

Growlithe evolves into Arcanine when exposed to a Fire stone.


So I was suppose to do this when I hit 3k the other day but I’m at 3.5k now so yay for almost 4k as well!!

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