finALLY x33 a song that understands me!!1111!11 RAWR xDD

 (warning for nsfw in video)

anonymous asked:

probably punk???? i mean, if she were emo i think she has to have an weirdo hairstyle and using really dark makeup over the eyes and also she would listen to emo music like black veil brides (but honestly in my opinion she is an "hipster" wearing a mix of punk/emo clothes)

r u telling me u think she Didn’t listen to black veil brides.

yourtypicaltavi  asked:

alex: alright I'm making a game that's gonna be rated mature! 12 year olds: omg!!!! a game for yanderes rawr yandev-kun!!! alex: well shit I better delay the game by 37 years.

hfksldjfkslkfkg IS THIS NOT WHAT HES DOING


Was kinda loving my giant ass last night😅, had a little too much to drink tho, had to wake up early today too. That was not a good choice. Rawr. Games night with besties tonight tho!! Yay

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im sorry desuusuusususususu

i gotta go to bed now ; u ; i hope you had a good birthday-day today ; u ; and that you’re happy? and that youre comy and content


wishin you a hpapy birthday


have a good night okay? only good dreams for you

and i’ll see you in the morning my love

love you <3