Elra’s replicant husband, created from the combined cosmic energy of Yondu and Merle. 

Merldu was made to give my original derp-train character Elra a version of Yondu outside of my fics that I could just have fun with (with that in mind he’s MINE! RAWR!! *Swipes pathetically at everyone*). The Yondu/El stories are toooooooootally separate from this!

Anyway, hope y’all like him. <3

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Why i love Zayn<3

anonymous said:

Hi! :))))) write please reasons why you love 1D boys, but in different posts :) and who you love most?


I love Zayn because he taught me that it’s okay to be insecure and shy, but it doesn’t and shouldn’t be the reason to hold you back from doing what you love <3

i love how creative and artistic he is

i love how it’s said that he is a ‘bad boy’ and how he has loads of tattoo’s

yet he is the most gentle and loving boy/man i’ve ever seen

he’s so f*cking adorable!

i love how he thinks a bit and has this shy image whenever he is in an interview/talking

i mean sure he seems shy when you first see him but there more than that 

i love his love for his family and how close he is to them

he’s just so beautiful <3 :'3

and he is playful/fun! Not super quiet and ignorant =-=

he also makes a sexy girl~ (don’t lie to yourself *smirks*)

and he has amazing dance moves *bites my lip*