rawr d:

Some bad newsies~

Hi guys. Im just letting y'all know that I’m down and out. Im incapacitated~ Pooped out. I’ve been puking a lot and having really bad back pain (which i know now as my poopy kidneys) for 3 days now. I already went to the doctor and they told me i have an infection and stones… I dont know how or why I got it Im so cleeeean! ; O; I am sorry guys I tried but when i sit up I just about like puke. Even when my stomach is empty, I still feel like vomiting air. I will try to get back on soon :‘3. They gave me meds to where I shrink the stones, then i try to go? I hate my life D: (jk I dont hate it I just trying to figure out why i got it…..maybe its the alcohol haaaaaa :D no more of that) Wub you guize just letting y'all know where I’ve been if ya got curious mwah mwah( Im okay Jarry shh)

I kind of love the fact they had to give Luke Evans fake teeth because his canine teeth as so long. But i also kind of hate t because i LOVE his canine teeth. Does anyone else have this feeling.

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