Pretty Cool Webcomics: RAWR! Dinosaur Friends

Hi! You seem like an even-keeled reviewer. Maybe you’d like my dinosaur webcomic. It is a webcomic about all the dinosaurs I can find and cram into it (plus other prehistoric oddities).

Thanks so much for having your submissions open. Every chance at getting readers helps.

RAWR! Dinosaur Friends is a Pretty Cool Webcomic by Hannah McGill / hannahmcgill! It updates once a week on Saturdays.

As pretty much any kid will tell you, dinosaurs are one of the coolest things to have ever set claw upon our planet. They came in every size from as small as chickens to as large as houses, ruling the land for millions of years until they were wiped out in an extinction event. They came in countless species and appearances, with horns, feathers, and fangs, alongside other reptiles who could even fly or swim, and we’re constantly learning more about these fantastic creatures even as we speak!

Yep, even back twenty years ago when Jurassic World and The Land Before Time were making it big, there was so much knowledge about dinos that were evading mainstream media and the public eye. And now that these discoveries are getting more and more concrete, why not put that into comic form for people to enjoy?

We’ve had an educational comic reviewed on the site before, with Trotman and Nock’s Poorcraft, but I think this is the first one that looks at any kind of scientific field; and boy, it it great! The art style is adorable, and simple while still allowing a lot of details and different designs to be worked in, and the cartoony art combined with the accessible writing makes it perfect for dinosaur fans young and old to enjoy. I know I definitely picked up a few details while reading this; it’s clear the author loves this topic, and it shows in every page.

Now granted, the author is not actually a paleontologist, and some details could be mistaken or exaggerated for the sake of a joke. But for the most part? This is a heck of a lot of fun to read, and could easily get someone interested in contemporary studies on dinosaurs or even reignite their interest. If you even have a passing interest in this topic, by all means read this comic!

RAWR! Dinosaur Friends is suitable for all ages.

Thanks to hannahmcgill for the submission!

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