Things I love about Killian Jones part 920: accuracy

Or, as I like to call it: 6 Times Killian Nailed the Shot and the One Time He Didn’t.

I suck at making gifs, so I scoured our gif-making shipmates’ archives looking and begged others for some examples of Killian and his deadly aim. Those eyes of his aren’t just blue, they are sharp, too (probably 20/20 even). And the man is versatile with his chosen projectiles. I don’t know about the rest of you, but all I can say is “Rawrrr…” Competency kink in full view, thankyouverymuch.

Starting in season 3, we got a taste of Killian’s talents. So long, flying monkey who probably used to be a person. You won’t be taking Henry today.

(Gunslinger Killian via @onceland)

In season 4, we got to see even in his off-hours, Killian takes his target practice seriously.

(Dartmaster Killian via @ramblings-from-yours-truly)

Jumping ahead to season 6, Killian proves that no monster is too big or too metal for him to try to kill protecting his ship. 

(I can hit the broadside of a barn Killian thanks to @lillpon who came to my rescue.)

We later learn that Killian probably used to be the main attraction of a carnival as a knife thrower. He went through a lot of assistants.

(Knife-thrower Killian via @pirateherokillian)

Then we see that Killian is all business about hunting Krakens. Even if there’s a princess and a genie lurking about. 

(Unhappy Harpooner Killian via @captainswansource)

And finally, it’s those little dreamshade tipped things in life that are really satisfying.

(The bastion of blow darts, Killian via @andhewonherheart)

And because no one is perfect, not even Killian “I can hit that” Jones, here’s that one time he missed…

(So not-that close Killian via @masumikitty)

Car Radio Drive
Halsey / Twenty One Pilots
Car Radio Drive

I discovered these two artists within a week of each other and I thought these songs might be soul mates. So I smushed them together like pb&j.

This is my original mashup but the songs I used are by Halsey and Twenty One Pilots. You know that. I know you know that. But I don’t want to get in trouble.

Enjoy! This was fun to make and I think it turned out pretty cool.

@p0sterboy made this album artwork for the mashup and it is AWESOME.