we played a show on Collin Provost’s ramp for his younger brothers birthday party. it got HB white boy hectic with them fireworks. people were lighting em off in their mouths and doin all sorts of ignorant shit. if you really watch this video you’ll see some crazy shit


ahahah our set at the smell on saturday

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RAWPOON’s first show with our new singer

RAWPOON review.... by "some nigga"

The first match of the night was between Raw Poon and Heller Keller. Meow Twins were originally supposed to play, but for some reason or another Raw Poon took their place (one of the singers for Meow Twins is the drummer for Raw Poon). I gotta say, I wasn’t expecting much, and was pleasantly surprised. They were fucking fast, raw, and had plenty of bite. In their set, I heard elements of bouncy 80s punk, straight up hardcore, and even a couple songs that had a vague old school black metal vibe sans the goofy getups. I’m expecting good things from this band as they progress.

…whateva nigga