DAY 3 of coconut water fast. Feeling great! Give thanks to mother moon for the guidance. Give thanks to myself for having the guts to do this! If I didn't take this risk in life I would never have known how truly capable the human body is when you allow it to detoxify. I have never felt more focused, balanced, in tune and empowered. All I have put into my body is a few glasses of fresh coconut water and water. It has become aware to me that this machine of ours needs a break from food as It never really gets a chance to break down what is already digesting with in our system. We have a bad habit of putting meal on top of meal without allowing proper digestion to occur. Let alone the toxic ingredients in the food! If we give ourselves some respect and be patient with this temple it will be able to function at a optimum level and provide us with emotional stability, physical endurance, weight loss, polarity and nourishment etc. Is that not what we all crave for when we realise how full of disease we are? Why not desire this before illness takes over and makes our lives an up hill battle!! Detox! Detox!! DETOX!!! xxxMB