Egg: (Baby) Rawist Egg

Bait: Fer incandescent

Hatching: 1080 minutes

Energy before evolution: 110

Have reached level 9
Have a Level of Affection of at least 85%
Baby Rawist must be at least 40 days old

Energy after evolution: 160

Food: Candy Corn

Rawist’s egg costs 450 Gold Coins in Companion Shop. Also could be found at Château phoenix.
Rawist’s bait costs 600 Maanas or 100 Gold Coins in Companion Shop. Also can be found at Fissures de lave. 
Rawist’s food costs 30 Maanas or 5 Gold Coins in Companion Shop. Also could be found at Manoir du laborantin, Cimetière abandonné, Forêt de ronces, Village des damnés, Forêt désenchantée, Chaudron de sorcière, Autel démoniaque, Château phoenix.

Halloween Event Item Locations


Phoenix Castle:
Bathory Wig
Druid Wolf Claws
Gold Rose Petals
Bloody Countess Glass
Candy Corn
Frightful Mouth
Druid Wolf Gloves
Druid Wolf Paws
Black Widow Collar

Mansion Lab:
Vampire Eyes
Icarus Vial
Candy Corn
Frankenstein Collar/Bolts
Lost Bride Veil
Frankenstein Skin
Bloody Countess Dress

Demonic Altar:
Succubus Wings
Demon Eyes
Lost Bride Shoes
Druid Wolf Armor
Frankenstein Dress
Lost Bride Garter
Bloody Countess Belt

Abandoned Cemetery:
Polished Shell
Radioactive Silk (Spadel Bait)
Star Biscuit 
Mummy Bandages
Wolf Druid Dress
Bloody Countess “Gloves”?
Possessed Eyes
Bloody Cloak

Witch’s Cauldron:
Very Special Fork (Skarkellogy bait)
Thirsty {Vampire} Mouth
Succubus Underwear
Lost Bride Splatters
Living Hat
Bloody Countess Vest/Shrug

Lava Cracks:
Hot Iron (Rawist Bait)
Bloody Countess Corset
Black Widow Dress
Vacant Eyes with Tears
Frozen Bubble
Muerte Makeup

Village of the Damned:
Vacant Eyes
Lost Bride Skirt
Candy Corn
Munak Hat
Night Ball
Succubus “Socks”

Disenchanted Forest:
Succubus Collar 
Muerte Skin
Lost Bride Bustier
Black Widow Shoes

Bramble Forest:
Frankenstein Ankle Shackles
Bloody Countess Boots
Wolf Druid Headdress
Flower Crown
Bloody Countess Cape

Pumpkin Patch:
Harpy Headdress 
Black Widow Socks
Pumpkin Shorts
Frankenstein Wrist Shackles