So inspiring! Ladies, let’s look this way at 70 years old too. Cannot stop thinking about my grandmothers now, as they are about the same age.. can’t even compare.

I feel...

terrible and unfocused. I think it’s because I’ve picked up processed foods again, and haven’t been sleeping more than 6 hours a night. It’s time for a reboot. Starting Monday I’m going to do a week Raw Diet, to cleanse my system and force myself to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

If you’re not familiar with a Rawism it’s basically eating only uncooked, unprocessed organic foods. So raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, eggs, honey and non-pasteurized/non-homogenized diary products. (and raw meats and fish, but I’m a veggie-head)

The reason I won’t do this for longer than a week, because it’s so damn expensive. Eating healthy is a real kick in the pocket-book!

Gluten intolerance and hyperthyroidism are linked, but only 3 percent of people with a gluten intolerance are medically diagnosed. None of my doctors have suggested being tested for the allergy. Felling pretty confidant that doctors rarely know what they’re doing. 

I refuse to be tested (again) or treated with radioactive iodine. I refuse to have an organ removed, especially if all possible causes for malfunction have clearly not be explored. 

I’m going raw vegan, cutting out gluten, and I’m going to start taking motherwort and lemon balm. I’m not dying and I have other options. These doctors can suck it. 


Must Watch Video! Heal Yourself.

I have always believed in this idea, and even practice it currently on one of my friends (now going to tell who, because it would ruin the process). Few days ago my friend Ethann Fox shared this video with me and I enjoyed watching it very much. Now, I share it with you, my friends, What is your opinion about this?